DOE Releases White LED Light Efficiency and Price Development Target for 2012-2020

U.S. President Barack Obama actively promotes the green energy policy and advocates investing 150 billion U.S. dollars in a 10-year green building plan to encourage the research and development of clean energy. His vision is to build the U.S. to become a global technology giant. The Zero Energy Building is one of the U.S. government energy policy goals...

In 2010, the luminous efficiency of the warm-white LED components on the market was 93 lm/W, which was slightly lower than the 96 lm/W target set by the US Department of Energy's 11th edition development plan, but higher than the target of 90 lm/W set by the 10-year development plan. . The US Department of Energy expects that the luminous efficiency of warm white LED devices will reach 253 lm/W by 2020, which is 2.72 times the luminous efficiency of warm white LED devices on the market in 2010.

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) solid-state lighting development plan for 2011, the target price for OEMs for warm white LED components will be from US$18/klm in 2010 to US$7.5/klm by 2012, and by 2015 and 2020 It dropped to $2.2/klm and $1/klm, respectively.

In 2010, the luminous efficiency of cold-white LED devices on the market was 124 lm/W, which was lower than the target set by the US Department of Energy's development plan of 134 m/W. It is expected that in 2012, the luminous efficiency of cool white LED devices will reach 176 lm. /W, increased to 224 lm/W in 2015 and 258 lm/W by 2020, more than twice the actual luminous efficiency of products in 2010.

In this plan, the OEM price for cold-white LED components is expected to decline from US$13/klm in 2010 to US$6/klm in 2012, a decrease of 53.8%, to US$2/klm in 2015, and it will drop again by 2020. To 1 US dollar/klm.

Due to technological development, the luminous efficiency improvement rate is higher than expected. In the 2011 development plan of the US Department of Energy, the annual target values ​​of warm white LED element luminous efficiency and luminous white LED element luminous efficiency are all higher than those of the previous version, and are lowered. Each year warm white LED component foundry target price.

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