Domestic frequency changer gradually seizes the high-end market

Domestic frequency changer gradually seizes the high-end market

Since the 1960s, high-tech companies represented by Danfoss have begun to mass-produce frequency converters and opened a new era of industrialization of frequency converters. Until the 21st century, China's local inverter has only gradually risen. At present, China's high-end inverter market has long been monopolized by foreign brands.

China's inverter market status

Because the market is highly tempting, the potential capacity is very impressive, and it constantly attracts new players in the industry. The existing market has formed a certain scale and the development is becoming more and more mature. Future resource plunder and market warfare will be inevitable. With continuous technological advancements, the stability of product quality has been gradually improved, and with the advantages of services and prices, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will become stronger.

Statistics show that the industrial output value of China's inverter product industry has grown rapidly in recent years. In the competition with foreign well-known frequency converter brands, the industry believes that domestic inverter companies should accelerate the transformation of high-end product structure while consolidating the market position of medium- and low-voltage inverters. Through in-depth communication with inverter users, the application frontier should be adopted. Technology, development and production of high-end converter products that satisfy customers, use product research and development and product innovation to establish brand advantages and achieve brand development.

Domestic inverter equipment manufacturers have surpassed imported inverter products in market share. Domestic inverter companies are continuously narrowing the technological gap with foreign companies. Through technology research and quality control, they have established domestic inverters on the basis of quality assurance. The localization of products applies competitive advantages and fills the gap in the application of inverter products.

China's inverter accelerates to high-end sprint

In China's low-voltage inverter market, foreign brands still dominate. At the same time, the strength of China's inverter supporting industry is relatively weak. Domestic brands have a certain gap with foreign brands in terms of technology, processing and manufacturing, industrial design, etc., as well as financial strength. China's inverter started late, and the backward technology has caused China's domestic inverters to compete in the inverter market at a disadvantageous position. Not only is the steel industry, rail transportation, and other highly demanding domestic inverters rarely enter, even if it is Sub-sectors with low technical requirements and preconceived by certain foreign brands are also difficult to enter.

After entering the 21st century, domestic inverters have gradually emerged and are now gradually taking over the high-end market. Shanghai and Shenzhen have become front-line positions for the development of domestic inverters, and a number of well-known domestic inverters such as Inovance inverters, Inventronics inverters, Anbangs inverters, and Oerlikon inverters have emerged.

The domestic inverter industry is shifting from simply providing products in the past to providing users with systematic solutions. It has changed from the import of high-end products to the rapid rise of domestic brands and gradually opened up the international market. In the future, China's inverter industry will surely rise with the trend and capture the international high-end market.

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