Dongbei increased capital Maolin photoelectric stable LED backlight module key components

LED packaging Taiwan factory Dongbei (2499) has announced that it will directly invest 2 million US dollars in LED backlight module light guide board factory Maolin Optoelectronics. Dongbei previously held a 3% stake in Maolin through the subsidiary company West Samoa.

Dongbei said that the investment in Maolin is mainly aimed at improving the close cooperation between Dongbei and strategic partners in the overall backlight market.

In the second half of 2010, in the second half of 2010, TV backlight products will be shipped to Korean customers. The newly acquired 2 large Japanese customers SONY and SHARP orders will also be shipped in Q4.

Dongbei's current capacity and supply demand gap is about 30%. The company expects that the monthly production capacity in the second half of the year will increase from 450 million in June to 800-850 million.

The market believes that Dongbei has increased its investment in Maolin in order to successfully stabilize the key components in the backlight module.