Dongjing Electronics is processing and producing the first batch of LED ingots and seed crystals

On November 16, Dongjing Electronics (002199) stated in the “Investor Relations Activity Record Form” disclosed that Huangshan Jingjing Optoelectronics implemented LED sapphire project mainly based on long crystal. Up to now, Huangshan Optoelectronics' sapphire workshop has 57 sets of crystal growth furnaces, of which 30 units have basically completed installation and commissioning, and have entered the trial production stage; 27 units are still in the process of installation; another 33 crystal growth furnaces are expected in November. Arrive in succession.

According to the company, in addition, post-processing equipment such as crowbars has been commissioned, and the first batch of ingots and seed crystals are being trial-produced. There are 7 LED high-efficiency energy-saving lamps production lines in the lamp shop, except that the chip packaging production line is in the debugging stage. The rest of the production equipment has been commissioned, entered the trial production stage, and has begun to accept small orders.

At the same time, Dongjing Electronics also said that LED sapphire has a wide range of applications. The LED sapphire substrate has a flat substrate and a patterned substrate. At present, the domestic LED sapphire substrate market is dominated by 2 ,. The company can simultaneously produce 2 吋 and 4 吋, depending on Market-oriented flexibility to adjust production and sales strategies. At present, the scope of application of the sapphire window field is expanding. While the company is working on the sapphire project for LEDs, it will also actively pay attention to market information of emerging applications such as sapphire windows.

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