Dongshan Precision replies 12 million to build Dongkui Lighting

Dongshan Precision announced today that it has invested two major investments worth 23 million yuan. Among them, 12 million were built to build Dongkui Lighting Company.

First of all, the company and natural person Wei Keke and Yuan Zhixing signed the “Investment Contract” in Suzhou on February 22, 2011, jointly initiated the establishment of Suzhou Dongkui Lighting Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the new company is 20 million yuan, of which the company is funded by monetary funds. 12 million yuan, accounting for 60% of its registered capital, Yan Weike and Yuan Zhixing each invested 2 million yuan, respectively holding 20%.

Dongshan Precision said that Dongkui Lighting is located in Suzhou High-tech Zone. It mainly researches, develops, produces and operates electric light source products and electric light source supporting devices, electric light source raw materials lamps and accessories, etc. The investment in setting up Dongkui Lighting helps to extend the company's industrial chain. Improve overall manufacturing service capabilities and improve overall profitability.