DRAM memory shocks high prices

DRAM memory shocks high prices Samsung Electronics will reduce the supply of DRAM and NAND since June, given its priority to supply its own mobile devices and Ultrabooks. In addition, earthquakes in China and Taiwan occurred yesterday, including DRAM makers such as Ruijing, Winbond, Nanke, and Inacore. Both were affected and the spot price of 2Gb DDR3 hit a new high of $1.81. All the people in the industry, including Alibaba Chairman Chen Libai, believe that the memory market season has been detonated in advance in June.

Samsung has significantly reduced the supply of memory to Taiwan and the mainland since June, mainly to give priority to the use of its own products, but has caused the shortage of spare parts for HTC, Acer, ASUS, etc., and the shipment of mobile chips from MediaTek has been affected. .

Samsung's new Galaxy S4 launches more than 10 million units a month, and it has entered the shipping season for the large-size smart phone Galaxy Note 3 in June. Since the new models include more than 32GB of eMMC, and more than 2GB of Mobile DRAM, Samsung greatly reduced the use of standard DRAM chips to fully manufacture Mobile DRAM and NAND chips for use in its own products. This is tantamount to suppressing the supply of standard DRAM.

As Apple's going to Samsung, resulting in other memory plant capacity have been packaged under Apple. Apple will launch new iPhones and iPads in the second half of the year. Recently, it has packaged near 50% of NAND production capacity of SK Hynix, Toshiba, SanDisk, and up to 80% of Mobile DRAM, including Micron and Intel. The NAND production capacity is fully supported by its own-brand SSD, and there is no excess supply available to Taiwanese companies.

As for the 6.3-magnitude quake that hit Taiwan yesterday, it has also become the fuse for detonating the memory market. Both Rui Jing and Huabang Power at Zhongke, and Nanke and Chinaa at Linkou in the factory have reported fragmentation problems. The supply of DRAM in the next two months is expected to decrease by 5 to 10%. As a result, major OEMs started the replenishment mechanism yesterday, and the mainstream 2Gb DDR3 spot price hit a record high of $1.81, and it is expected to see a $2 sky-high price in the near future.

Under the dual influence of Samsung's supply reduction and the earthquake in Taiwan, DRAM prices soared, and NAND prices will resume their upward trend in late June. Chen Libai pointed out that DRAM and NAND will be in a deficit in the third quarter, and prices will increase. Not finished.

The memory price rose sharply in June. For those who have low-cost stocks such as Transcend, A-DATA, Pin-An, and Qunlian, the profit for the second quarter is almost equal to that of the first quarter. DRAM Factory South Branch, Huaya Branch, Winbond, etc. are all from loss to profit.

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