"Eleventh Five-Year" 863 Program "Semiconductor Lighting Project" passed the acceptance

Recently, the 11th Five-Year Plan 863 Program New Materials Technology Field Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Major Project 2010 Shanghai World Expo Urban Best Practice Area The integrated application research topic of semiconductor lighting technology passed the acceptance test.

The subject is undertaken by Tongji University. From the actual needs of semiconductor lighting applications, research on key technical issues of indoor and outdoor applications, such as light color preference, uncomfortable glare control, and mixed light mixing mode. The subject introduces the optical medium of low-pixel LED dot matrix, fully demonstrates the artistic expression of semiconductor lighting technology, greatly reduces energy consumption, and embodies the design concept of low-carbon and environmental protection; through interventional research in design, research and development, production and other aspects. Exploring new lighting design patterns, and playing a positive role in the integration and innovation of lighting materials and lighting structures in the semiconductor lighting manufacturing industry; establishing semiconductor lighting construction by exploring the architectural application methods and methods of semiconductor lighting Application mode, and successfully applied the research results to the semiconductor energy-saving lighting design of the Expo Cultural Center, making it a model of architectural integration design and energy-saving design concept.

The research results of the project were applied to the Shanghai World Expo and directly guided the integration of semiconductor lighting in the night scene lighting of the Expo Park. According to statistics, the Expo Park uses about 1.03 billion LED chips. The indoor and outdoor lighting of the permanent buildings of the Axis and Four Halls has large-scale semiconductor lighting applications, of which only 105,000 sets of semiconductor lighting are used for outdoor landscape lighting.

At present, the Expo Park has become the largest semiconductor lighting demonstration application area, which has positively promoted the development and industrialization of semiconductor lighting technology in China and the low carbonization process of urban lighting in China.