Embrace the G20 Smart Street Light to show the world the "Smart City" landing plan

From September 4th to September 5th, 2016, the G20 Summit was held in Hangzhou. At the G20 meeting site, the Sansi Smart Street Light System installed in front of the Qianjiang Century City Management Committee also welcomed the guests from the Quartet and showed the world a plan for a smart city.

2016 G20 Summit

The theme of this year's G20 Hangzhou Summit is “Building a world economy with innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance”. Among them, innovation as the core element of the conference theme will run through the top design of global economic governance. As the host, China has also demonstrated its technological innovations to the world through the G20 window.

Sansi Smart Street Light System Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City Project

In the wave of globalization in the construction of smart cities, China’s achievements in this field are obvious to all. As a important carrier of smart city construction, the smart street lamp has been recognized by many industry experts for its feasibility and advancement in many practical projects.

Sansi Smart Street Light System Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City Project

During the G20 meeting, the Sansi Smart Street Light System installed at Qianjiang Century City, the venue of the G20 Summit, was presented to the guests from all directions. How to use the streetlight pole as the carrier, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, geographic information, A new generation of information technology, such as the mobile Internet, is used as a driving force to establish a smart and sustainable urban development model.

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