Everlight will be unveiled at the 2010 China International Street Lights and Outdoor Lighting Exhibition

In order to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, government agencies in Taiwan and around the world have recently announced a number of energy conservation policies in response to the rise in environmental awareness. Among them, how to replace the traditional light source to achieve power saving is the hottest discussion topic. With the increasing efficiency and technological advancement of LEDs, LED applications have begun to enter the field of illumination from backlights and decorative light sources. And research has confirmed that LED light source is currently the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting products.

As a pioneer in LED lighting technology, Yiguang Electronics will exhibit a series of cutting-edge LED technology research and development products at the China International Street Lamps and Outdoor Lighting Exhibition T507 booth held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from August 30 to September 1. It includes LED components for indoor wattage and application requirements, indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures, LED special lighting fixtures and LED replacement retrofits to promote the benefits of LED lighting applications in an interactive and educational way.

Unlike the past, Everlight not only continued to develop high-power components, indoor and outdoor and special lighting, this year also exhibited a new generation of "replacement lamps" to emphasize that LEDs can be used without any external voltage or current adapters. The traditional white light bulb can be replaced immediately. You only need to turn down the power-consuming light bulbs in your home and transfer the LEDs of Everlight LEDs, you can save 80% of the power and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and high electricity bills.

Technology is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is the goal that Everlight has been working for for 27 years. It not only continues to introduce LED components that can be used in various applications, but also meets customer needs to cross LED lighting modules. In each stage, Everlight Electronics expects to actively research and develop LED-related products under the premise of environmental protection to build LED green optoelectronics industry.