Expanding cooperation platform Philips Hue wants to take root in the Chinese market

Since Edison invented the light bulb, the electric light has become the most essential part of people's lives. With the advent of the intelligent era, compared with those TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, it is precisely the most common and inconspicuous "necessities" in this life that have become the forefront of this era.

As early as 2013, Philips launched a smart light bulb called Philips Hue. In addition to the energy-saving features of the previous light bulbs, the biggest feature of this light bulb is that it can be controlled by a smart phone. The function of setting up up to 16 million color changes for each Hue light bulb has attracted the attention of consumers around the world.

Today, Philips Hue has been in the Chinese market for about two years. Whether it is from the beginning of the stunning appearance, and then continue to be copied and imitated, it seems that it has not changed the high-end route. In the complicated market of China, why is Philips Hue so confident, how will Philips Hue develop in the future? Regarding these issues, at the 2016 International Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, the relevant person in charge of Philips LED and smart home lighting gave answer.

Not afraid of the platformization of the cottage is the advantage

At the beginning of 2014, Philips Hue officially entered the Chinese market and sold it at Apple's AppleStore retail stores and online stores. While the majority of consumers are delighted to go to the pre-order, they found that the original light bulbs of several yuan and tens of dollars were sold to hundreds of pieces, and even suits were as high as 1,000 yuan. This sudden "a head stick" does not know how many consumers have just ignited the fire of the stars.

However, when the tide of intelligence has just arrived, the creativity of Philips Hue in the light bulb has just inspired the “inspiration” of some start-ups. A large number of smart bulbs with similar functions and lower prices appeared in front of consumers and became a time. A hot topic in the smart small appliance market.

Two years have passed. Although the brands of smart bulbs have been stunned or still active, in the Chinese market, Philips Hue is still sticking to its high-end line, without any slightest shake.

Philips said that for Hue, China is a very important market. Although there is a certain gap between the price and the products in the Chinese market, the product itself is unique. Philips offers more than just a light bulb, but a complete system platform and an ecosystem.

It is reported that in addition to last year's cooperation with Xiaomi, Philips Hue also connected to the Apple HomeKit platform in the international market, and cooperated with Bosch, Logitech and Samsung Smart Things to expand the cooperation of the platform.

In terms of product experience, mobile phone control and color change are actually just the basic functions of Philips Hue. For example, the new Hue White Ambiance released by Philips at the International Lighting Fair in Frankfurt can not only interact with your music, TV, automatically turn on the lights when you enter the door, etc., but it can also simulate sunrise and sunset.

"I think the light and darkness of light can affect people's mood. We just need to use lights to adjust people's moods," said George Yianni, head of Philips Commercial and Home Lighting Systems.

China will have more developers involved

In fact, in addition to the price, the degree of localization of a product determines its success or failure. As the smart product of Philips Hue, the most direct way is to introduce a large number of localized software, so that more developers can join the Hue third-party App software development, the only way to further hang in the Chinese market Foundation.

For this, Philips Hue's mind is still very clear. As early as the beginning of Philips Hue entering the Chinese market, Philips opened the Hue API source code, users can easily download their software from the Internet to develop third-party APP.

It is reported that as of the end of last year, there have been more than 450 third-party applications for users to download and use.

In addition, Philips said that although most of the developers of third-party apps have come from Europe and the United States, it has recently been discovered that Philips Hue has attracted more and more Chinese and Indian developers to participate. The increase in localized developers will inevitably lead to the emergence of more applications with local characteristics, which will play a vital role in whether Philips Hue can really take root in the Chinese market.

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