Experimental Research on Electronic Skills Relying on the Latest Category Controls

In both the analog electronic experiment and the digital electronic experiment, there is a widespread phenomenon of "snake-tail", that is, some teachers are limited by class hours, or by digital integrated circuits and digital instruments, so the focus of experimental teaching is on the front. The analog circuit part, and the subsequent digital circuit part is largely deleted, and even the matching digital circuit experiment is not opened.

Electronic experiments are mainly based on measurement data and indicators, and are mainly based on verification theory. They lack the ability to detect, analyze, judge and maintain experimental circuits and electronic products.

The existence of the above-mentioned problems has affected the teaching quality of electronic technology courses, and hindered students' application and innovation ability in the field of electronic technology. The author believes that the promotion of Multisim2001 software simulation technology in the teaching process can change this situation to a great extent.

Use the commands in the Analysis menu in Multisim2001 to use the graphical input method for the circuit Multisim2001, from creating circuits, inputting signals to calling various test instruments directly on the screen; the circuit forms and test methods created are very Close to the actual experiment, what you see is what you get, and the image is intuitive.

Multisim2001 provides almost all commonly used analog, digital components and other devices, and the parameters can be set arbitrarily, and the number of use is not limited; users can also create and expand the component library according to the needs. Multisim2001 provides a variety of virtual instruments such as digital multimeters, function signal generators, dual trace oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency sweepers, logic converters, and word signal generators. Therefore, users using Multisim2001 are equivalent to possessing a large-capacity, multi-type, advanced instrument electronic laboratory, which can easily carry out simulation experiments of analog circuits, digital circuits and various communication electronic circuits. During the simulation experiment, all the data of the test point and the working status of the virtual instrument and other data and charts can be stored at any time.

The basic method of doing experiments on the Multisim2001 platform is to start the Multisim2001 software in the Windows environment, drag and drop the components and instruments to the working window with the mouse, connect the lines and the instruments, set the component parameters, and perform simulation experiments (measure current, voltage, analysis) Observe the waveform, analyze the various characteristics of the circuit), save or print for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis, and the analysis results are reflected in the form of graphics or reports. These analyses include DC operating point analysis, AC frequency analysis, and transient analysis , Fourier analysis, noise analysis, distortion analysis, parameter scan analysis, temperature scan analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, sensitivity analysis, etc. Among them, AC frequency analysis is similar to using a frequency sweeper to simulate a circuit, which can accurately divide the circuit's amplitude-frequency characteristics and phase-frequency characteristics, and understand the circuit's gain or phase shift; parameter sweep analysis can be used to The simulation of the circuit when the value is adjusted, it can make the parameter of a certain component in the circuit continuously change within the set value segment, and then the static operating point, frequency characteristics, transient characteristics of the circuit, etc. are plotted with the change of this parameter. show.

Example of analog circuit fault setting and simulation. The following circuit is a typical voltage-biased common-emitter amplifier circuit. Because Multisim2001 software has a component failure simulation function, it is very convenient to simulate components such as Open, Short, Leakage and other faults. We can pass Set up component faults to understand the impact on the circuit, so that students can better understand the role of components and transistor current amplification, and ultimately improve students' fault analysis capabilities.

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