Expo Axis Landscape and Interior Lighting Engineering Design

1 Introduction

The world-famous China 2010 Shanghai World Expo has ended. The “Successful, Wonderful and Unforgettable” Shanghai World Expo has left a deep impression on the visitors from all over the world. Choosing a city as the theme of the Shanghai World Expo will not only arouse people's strong resonance, but also stimulate people's vision and prospects for future urban life. The city is beautiful, the city is sleepless, the Shanghai World Expo under the night, the lights are shining, the brilliance, the beautiful night scenery, showing the wonderful combination of lighting technology and lighting art, fully embodies the lighting innovation design. The idea gives people a feast of visual enjoyment.

This article intends to summarize the feelings of the Shanghai World Expo Axis landscape lighting and interior lighting engineering design, to peer, and mutual progress.

2 Project Overview and Features

The Expo Axis is located in the core area of ​​Pudong, Shanghai World Expo Park. It is 1045 meters long from north to south, 99. 5 to 110. 5 meters wide from east to west, and 80 meters above ground. The Expo Axis is the largest single project in the park. It is divided into two floors and two floors above ground. It is a semi-open building. It is a multi-functional large-scale commercial and transportation complex composed of commercial services, catering, entertainment and exhibition services. The total construction area is about 248,000 m2. After the World Expo, it will be permanently preserved as a huge landscape axis and landmark building in the city, becoming the main axis of the future urban space landscape and urban traffic in Shanghai.

The design of the Expo Axis landscape lighting and interior lighting has been unanimously recognized and affirmed, thanks to the joint design team and the owner and engineering contractor of the building, interior and electrical lighting, including lighting designers. Unremitting cooperation and efforts during the construction phase. Figure 1 shows the real-life effect of the night view of the Expo Axis.

The main design elements of landscape lighting are manifested in the following aspects: steel structure sun valley, large tensile film, light-transmissive film light-emitting ceiling, aluminum plate provocation, slope green space, landscape sculpture and so on. The main forms of lighting are: dynamic LED large-area star lattice, diffuse reflection of floodlights, illuminated ceiling, ground interactive light bricks and so on. The most characteristic landscape of the Sun Valley is interspersed in the Expo Axis, creating an indispensable landscape node for the long channel streamlines and becoming one of the most iconic features of the Expo Axis. The trumpet-like form that faces the sky absorbs the essence of nature during the day—sunshine, rain, and air—and introduces it into the interior of the Expo Axis, providing a vibrant place to relax in the ground; when you are underground at night. Space, you can also feel the starry sky of the night sky.

In the design and discussion of lighting schemes, we pay special attention to the harmonious integration of lighting planning and lighting design, landscape lighting and function realization, lighting technology and landscape art, technological innovation and design concepts, and actively coordinate the various design stages. , the relationship between the various performance elements.

3 Lighting planning and lighting design

In order to better interpret the theme of “Better City, Better Life” at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, this Expo will also show the world a beautiful night view of the city. The night scene of the Expo area will not only add brilliance to the World Expo during the Expo, but also reflect the performance of the theme of the Expo at night, leading the development direction of the future urban lighting, and leaving a deep impression on the public. In order to better highlight the concept of the "Eco Expo" in the World Expo, and fully demonstrate the highest achievements of China's night lighting technology, the Expo Bureau actively organized experts and scholars from various fields in the initial stage of planning and construction. And argumentation, and formulated the following planning and design guidelines for landscape lighting:

1) "Guidelines for the overall planning and design of night lighting in the Expo Park"

2) "Guidelines for Architectural Lighting Design for Important Venues of the World Expo"

3) "Guidelines for the Design of Greenland Landscape Lighting in the Expo Site"

1) Humanized lighting. "Safe, comfortable and beautiful" is the standard for measuring the quality of night lighting, creating a safe and comfortable lighting environment, and establishing a "people-oriented" light environment culture concept.

2) Efficient eco-energy saving. Through scientific and rational design and thinking, promote the application and demonstration of green lighting technology, and build an efficient and energy-saving night lighting system.

3) Innovative technology art. Establish innovative design thinking with equal emphasis on science and technology, embody the organic unity of lighting technology and light environment art, and give the core area of ​​the Expo Axis a novel, beautiful and orderly night vision image.

The Expo Axis Project, as the most important comprehensive landscape transportation building and public core space, constitutes one of the key areas of the night illumination of the Expo Park. In the architectural lighting design, we actively think about and correctly handle the coordination between the master plan and the single building. We do not arbitrarily publicize and do nothing, and try our best to leave a design plan that is satisfactory to all parties.

The above design guidelines are of great significance for guiding lighting designers in the formation and deepening of lighting schemes in specific construction projects, bidding of lighting projects, lighting construction, and post-management management and maintenance after the completion of the project.

The planning and design principles followed by the lighting scheme of the Expo Axis are mainly:

After discussion by all parties, under the premise of highlighting the effect of landscape art, respect the principle of lighting technology and control from the following lighting indicators: light color (color temperature) control, as shown in Table 1.

2) Dynamic lighting partition control

Ten-dimensional platform of the Expo Axis Tension Film: Uses colored light illumination, supplemented by dynamic light changes;

Expo Axis 10m Platform Sunshine Valley: Use colored spot lighting, supplemented by dynamic intelligent light changes;

Active green area: Use a small amount of colored light illumination, taking into account the dynamic change control of color;

Expo Axis Indoor Space: Adopt centralized control of centralized area to effectively save energy and manage.

3) Brightness grading control

Refer to the relevant illumination and brightness indicators provided by the International Commission on Illumination and the “Regulations for Urban Environment (Decoration) Lighting” (Shanghai Local Standard DB 31 /T316—2004), and consider the influence of viewing distance, which is proposed in the planning and design guidelines. The illumination range is shown in Table 2.

4 Combination of landscape lighting and function realization

Landscape lighting design, while paying attention to the landscape effect, functional lighting needs is also a topic and guarantee that cannot be ignored. Only beautiful, without the support of technology, any landscape architecture, the skeleton is missing, the soul is missing. At this point, the lighting designers who participated in the Expo Axis project are all aware of the fact that the lighting design team has been sincerely cooperating and learning from each other, leaving the unofficial landscape works for the Expo, which is also the decisive factor for the success of the project.

The design plan follows the principle:

1) Create a safe and comfortable place to showcase communication and leisure;

2) Emphasize the illumination function to ensure the uniform illumination of the platform surface of the Expo Axis, avoid glare, and ensure the safety of visitors to large passengers.

3) The intersection of the Expo Axis 4. 5 m platform and each vertical road avoids glare to tourists and motor vehicle drivers.

4) Expo Axis Lighting uses a variety of light sources and dynamic and static lighting to increase the fun of the tour, avoiding the fatigue and boring caused by excessive scale.

5) Expo lighting has adopted a variety of lighting control modes to meet the needs of different uses and occasions and energy saving requirements.

Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the effect of indoor lighting. Figure 4 is a sectional view of the interior lighting of each layer of the Expo Axis.