February Air Purifier Market Analysis Report

February Air Purifier Market Analysis Report

In February 2014, affected by the Spring Festival of the Year of Horse, the index of concern of the air purifier market declined to a certain extent from January, but at the end of the month, due to the increase of air pollution, the market concern index increased geometrically. Up to three times early in the month. From the perspective of brand concerns, Philips, Sharp, and Panasonic remain concerned about the top three brand positions, concentrating more than 70% of the market's consumer attention. From the price segment, the focus of consumers is still focused on 3001-4000 yuan, and began to shift to high-priced segments.

Report Highlights • Brand Concern: Philips continues to focus on champions, with Blueair gaining the most.

• Product Focus Model: Philips AC4076 has been the focus of consumers.

• Market concern index: The index of concern for the air purifier market dropped sharply this month.

• Product power structure: 47W power air purifier products are the most concerned.

• Price segment structure: Consumers focus on 3001-4000 yuan.

• Analysis of mainstream vendors: The market interest index at the end of the month was close to three times the beginning of the month.

First, the brand attention pattern • Philips unanimously followed the championship, Blueair rose the most in February 2014, China's air purifier market, Philips, Sharp and Panasonic occupy the top three brands remain the same, cumulative attention over 70%, up 70.4%. Among them, Philips and Sharp both focused on more than a quarter of consumers' attention, with the proportion of attention being 27.4% and 26.3%, respectively.

Judging from the changes in this month's attention to rankings, Asian Capital, Blueair, Grand and Swiss have risen in popularity, while SKG and Samsung have seen their rankings decline. In addition, IQAir ranks the ninth in this month's attention list.

From the perspective of changes in the proportion of concerns, Panasonic, SKG and Samsung are the brands with a decline in the proportion of concern this month, with SKG dropping the most, at 6.4%, while the proportions of the remaining brands have generally increased. Among them, Blueair’s The biggest concern was the increase of 2.8%.

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