Fei Ge "LED industry question and answer session", to see where these companies are confused?

On January 5-6, 2017, the 2016 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting and Golden Globe Awards Ceremony and the 10th Anniversary of High-Industry Research and Development (2006-2016) hosted by Gaogong LED The celebration was held in Shenzhen.

On the evening of January 5th, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, specially set up a “Fei Ge Industry Q&A Special Session” for companies that feel confused about the future road, and personally solved the problem for everyone.

"Fei Ge and industry experts industry Q&A special" list of think tanks and "question and answer session" discussion group. (Click to view details) At the meeting, Feige one by one to answer your questions.

1. Weilong Electronics Technology: How much will the market share of the power aging system in the future be occupied?

Feige: At present, there are two kinds of domestic power supply, one is the professional manufacturer of power supply, Infineon, Mingwei, Zhongheng Paiwei, etc. These enterprises carry out aging test. The other is that some companies are very confident in R&D. The aging system is one of the necessary systems for power supply manufacturers, but there is no shortcut to enter the customer supply chain. You need to find out what needs these customers have.

Therefore, it is recommended to start with a professional power supply company, but to carry out more in-depth cooperation with them. In addition, you can build a small power test lab yourself.

2, chip manufacturers: Do you think LED trends in the next three or five years? Or which market are you more optimistic about?

Fei Ge: Taking price rise as a normal state, I think that the future price increase of chips is not a jagged form of rise, or a smooth and sleek rise. In 2017, chip supply is still tight, and prices will rise, but I don't encourage you to "rebel."

3. Sensors, linear IC companies: We are start-ups, have certain technical strength, how can we quickly win market recognition and financing? How to improve the visibility?

Feige: The sensor itself is used in the fields of intelligent lighting, car lighting, etc. Currently, only a few high-end models are actually adopted, and the value generated is not high. In addition, the linear power supply is not difficult, because linear IC is not only a technical issue.

Financing, for the start-up group, what are your customers? What is the performance of the year? Now the situation in this field is a bit early for your company, you can choose a lot. Way to promote.

4. Lianyi Optoelectronics Dai Peng: Where is the breakout path for SMEs? How to break through? What is your understanding of height, level and silk?

Fei Ge: SMEs, although small, have a level. As for the height, there is no absolute height, only the relative height, you can stand on the shoulders of giants to see the world. For example, Zhongke Core Source is also a small and medium-sized enterprise that can solve problems that others have not solved and solve problems with professional level.

As for the silk, I think that there is an ideal person, and you should not put yourself in an indifferent way of life. I think that the silk and the silk can be put together, starting with small things. You can set goals for yourself, such as what to do in the next three years. To what extent, it is not necessarily listed, but it can prove that crepe is creative.

5, Lei Te Technology Zhu Xueling: Fei Ge home lighting will do dimming? Do you think dimming color in the domestic development prospects?

Fei Ge: There is a desk lamp in the house, only the front and rear adjustment, this kind of lamp is difficult to stand. Do not dim the entire home with dimming, first do the dimming of the lighting fixtures.

Foreign countries are doing more, like hotels, commercial applications. In foreign countries, the purpose of dimming is to have good sleep quality, and whether or not to save electricity will not be considered. In China, it is only used in the bedroom.

6. Aile Laser Jiang Lijun: What is the expected total demand for bulbs in 2017? What is the development trend of filament lamps?

Feige: How much market demand in 2017 is still unanswerable, but the global use of bulbs in the past is about 6 billion, so there is a lot of alternative space.

7. Phosphor enterprises: What is the future direction of phosphors?

Fei Ge: On the whole, there are not many companies left in the phosphor. The next step is to look at your color rendering index. Don't blindly fight the price of the upstream. If your customers develop faster, you must ensure that you can't lose it. You must develop your own capabilities.

8. Ward Technology Hu Yong: Our aluminum substrate production capacity is the largest in the country. Do our PCB companies need to enter the FBC field?

Fei Ge: First of all, we must understand who is using FBC materials. In the past, Yuanda Optoelectronics, CITIC China is also more questionable, why do you do such a low price. Because, on the one hand, there is an absolute amount to the supplier, and there is a right to speak. On the other hand, in 2012, the country's first aluminum substrate production line was first created.

In addition, Ward has a certain amount, so, first, don't follow the price increase, your quantity is the biggest, the price is the lowest, you don't have to worry. Second, for new materials, don't invest too fast, and wait for some big companies to solve the short-board problems before entering.

9. Tongfang Lighting Industry Group: On the one hand, our sales, on the one hand, our products, what advice does Feige give?

Fei Ge: As for Tongfang Youyou, you should still play its original advantage. If you want to concentrate your strength, the export of lighting will be rectified, and the way of making a shot and a shot can be improved. You can do some tentative work online.

10. Exporting foreign trade enterprises: Understand which markets the lamps are concentrated in?

Feige: GE and Osram are all selling lighting business, which is also bringing more opportunities to Chinese companies.

11. Arezzo: What is the future market space for future optical engine linear modules?

Fei Ge: If you analyze the high and low end market, how to expand the market, I think you should not stay in this one. In any case, it is recommended that you split the product, research on different lamps, how much market share, how high the difference, and the competitors of B suddenly come in.

12, Zhang Fei power Yang Dong: In 2017, does Zhang Fei power supply insist on doing 3W, 5W isolated power supply?

Fei Ge: As for the end to do Other Products, it depends on what you want to do? 3W, 5W the entire market, Zhang Fei power supply to do about 10%. First of all, we must figure out which companies are in the hands of the rest of the company. We can visit the company and go to the market for research and use it for 3 months. When you get 30%, 50% of the family will panic.

13, Bang Ding alloy line Laoyu: the quality of the alloy line, the second?

Fei Ge: Looking for a package manufacturer that has used alloy wire. If you think that the package manufacturer that you might use, if you don't do it, you should consider whether you want to do this.

14. Otley: Is there a prospect for LED filament lamps? How many years can this prospect last?

Fei Ge: The filament lamp is a new product that will not replace the traditional lighting. It is because your technology is not good enough. Once the filament lamp is really made, the harvest is still very big. It is necessary to take all the technical difficulties and become a major event. Then, list a goal.

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