Firm Belief in 100 Years: DENON D-M40 Desktop HIFI System Unpacking Experience

There has always been a DENON complex. There was a chance but missed a year ago. I really wanted to feel the heritage of a hundred-year-old plant. I just happened to catch up with the M-40 machine. ··(In fact, the goods were received before the double eleventh)

Before this machine was purchased, some homework was done. Unfortunately, M40 evaluation on the Internet was very rare. I saw the only one out of the box in the forum and I bought it directly.

Not much to say, directly unpacking soap flakes

Unpacking photos! Debang logistics, Jiangsu issued, arrived in Shenzhen one and a half days, a large box is still quite heavy, the address is wrongly filled in the company, all the way to home to lose weight 2 kg successfully ····

The packaging is really sturdy! There are three floors and three floors! give it a like

Packing carefully, watching peace of mind ~

Oh, there are 2 soundtracks that enhance the wire and the old version.

Octagon spiky, Virgo variety of happy ~ ~ octagonal spiky, Virgo variety of happy ~ ~ octagonal spiky, Virgo variety of happy ~ ~ important things to say three times

These two boxes were stacked high in one period and the desks were not enough.

DENON! Strong belief

Out of the box

Seeing the wire, it's a bit thin. It's a bit thin compared to the boss's reinforcement.

Showing the true colors, the texture of the chicken frozen box is very good, and it feels cool and smooth.

Another box

The remote control is a long one, typical of Japanese style appliances, slender styling, great taste.

The protagonist debut ~~~

Here's a bit of a tantrum, the main LOGO is not three-dimensional, but the plane is hot, cutting happy ····

3 in one, together. You have me. I have you. Others say that the size of the box is small. I would like to make it smaller. Hey, the desk is not enough.

The whole body of black looks a bit boring, Mickey is today's supporting role.

PP and remote control to a few close-ups, asked the boss to know that the banana head of the reinforcement line to use brute force can only be inserted into the oh ~

OK Power PLAY~

The knob feels very delicate, and the volume will be displayed on the display, but when turning, the angle will be larger, and the slight volume of rotation will not change.

I have been struggling to download dozens of FLACs from QQ Music. I didn't read them successfully....

Fortunately, it was smart enough to use the lossless format on the mobile phone to play it successfully. This is quite quick to charge the phone.

I tried the CD, and I didn't appear to hear the sound of the dish. This was relieved.

SONY Dafa is good, Dafa is safe and safe~

Believe in belief once again, personally feel better than the Bian Bridge of DENON LOGO design

Small BOSE also into the mirror, bought a year ago, you're just good, later on the computer to use it as the main song!


First sun here, evaluation slowly continue ~~~~

About the sound quality: I still have white ears, the entry learning stage, limited hearing, before using the Bose soundlink mini feel more bored, layering and resolution are weak. The sound quality of DENON is very natural. Although the expression style is not the kind that directly shocks the ear, it is subtle and powerful, and the sound energy is infinitely on demand. The treble part is clear and clean, the midrange is stable and clear, and the bass is not exaggerated. The texture of the music and the analysis of various musical instruments are just right. One thing that I haven't got to know yet is that the U disk has not been successful in playing lossless music. It seems that FLAC format support will have to be studied again. It's just like this. It feels like these two days. The evaluation continues.

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