Following the development of Jingjing Mulinsen LED chip, the next step is to increase the capital of 500 million yuan to hold Huan'an Aoyang Shunchang 26.88%

After the participation of LED chip companies to develop crystal, the pace of extension of Mulinsen to the upstream continues to accelerate.

Tonight, Mulinsen (002745) announced that in order to increase the company's upstream extension to the LED industry chain, the company plans to increase its capital on Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang”) with its own funds. 50,000 yuan, of which 348 million yuan entered the registered capital, and the rest entered the capital reserve.

According to the current equity ratio, after the capital increase, Mulinsen will acquire a 26.88% stake in Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang, becoming the second largest shareholder after Jiangsu Aoyang Shunchang Co., Ltd.

According to the financial data of the announcement, as of September 30, 2016, Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang achieved revenue of 262 million yuan in the first three quarters of this year, achieving a net profit of 41.352 million yuan.

According to the agreement, the parties agreed that the existing management of Huai'an Optoelectronics remains unchanged, but the recruitment of newly added core management personnel needs to be appointed by the board of directors after consultation with the first two major shareholders.

At the same time, Mulinsen preferentially purchases LED chips produced by Huai'an Optoelectronics according to market prices. The LED chips produced by Huai'an Optoelectronics are preferentially supplied at market prices.

The announcement said that this investment is the development needs of Mulinsen to improve the whole industry chain, in line with the company's development strategy, and has a positive role in promoting the brand effect of the company, stabilizing the company's raw material supply channels, effectively improving the company's revenue, and improving The company's core competitiveness and other aspects have a positive impact and impact.

At the same time, after the completion of this investment, Mulinsen extended the upstream of the LED industry chain through strategic investment to further improve the layout of the company's entire industrial chain.

On June 28 this year, Mulinsen issued a notice saying that the company plans to increase its capital by RMB 300 million to develop Jingguang (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., and the proportion of shares acquired by this capital increase will increase from 10.91% to 25.50. %. After the capital increase, Mu Linsen will become the third largest shareholder of the development of Jing, second only to Shenzhen Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd. (34.37%), Jingyuan Optoelectronics (25.95%), and the other three shareholders are Yiguanjing (Fujian) Photoelectric Co., Ltd. 5.84%), Country Lighting (4.54%), Largan Bright (3.80%).

At the same time, through the cooperation between the development of Crystal and the United States Bridgelux in the patented technology and market, the company's related products can effectively open up foreign patent barriers, paving the way for the company's products to go international, which will further enhance the company's brand influence and core. Competitiveness.

In recent years, Mulinsen's actions in the field of LED chips have frequently confirmed the planning of its capacity expansion. For the protection of upstream chip supply, the control of future packaging and lighting costs will be greatly guaranteed.

In April this year, Mulinsen and Huacan Optoelectronics signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement." Mulinsen will preferentially purchase Huacan Optoelectronics products under the same conditions. In the next three years, the value of LED chip products purchased from Huacan Optoelectronics will be no less than RMB 1.5 billion. The price and quantity of products will be adjusted periodically according to market demand on a quarterly basis. .

For Mulinsen's investment and M&A logic, Mulinsen executive general manager Lin Jiliang said, “Upstream and downstream are simultaneously carried out to solve the problems of supply side and demand side. We must make the product supply chain stronger and make the ecosystem more complete. ."

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