Foreseeing that OLED iPhone will sell big? Apple calls suppliers to increase production

Although it is not yet in 2017, the rumors about the iPhone 8 are already flying. The recent rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 are basically OLED screens. Through the supply chain, in order to cope with the iPhone released in the fall of 2017, Apple has begun to inform screen suppliers to increase the output of OLED screens. There are Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display.

Samsung is currently the largest OLED screen supplier in the mobile field, and Apple will ignore them? of course not. According to the information provided by the supply chain, Samsung will be the main OELD screen supplier for the iPhone 8 if nothing unexpected. But this is not what Apple wants. Apple wants a diversified supply chain, so they hope that Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display will be able to eat Samsung's OLED screen orders at least in 2018.

It is understood that Samsung will become the main screen supplier of the iPhone 8, mainly because the OLED screen capacity of the other three manufacturers is seriously insufficient, and can not cope with the huge market demand after the new iPhone is launched. has reported many times before, whether it is Sharp, LG Display or Japan Display, it has been spending huge sums to build its own OLED screen production line, quite a feeling of life and death.

As long as Apple launches an iPhone with an OLED screen, Samsung will at least be the biggest winner in the previous two years. So who will stand out after 2018?

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