Foundation of Jintang, the LED chip manufacturing base in the Western Region

Yesterday, the Chenga Industrial Park in Huaikou Town, Jintang County will usher in a new project. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Shilan West LED chip manufacturing base project will be held here. It is reported that this not only marks a successful step in the cooperation between Chengdu and Aba, but also creates a national first-class energy-saving and environmental protection industry demonstration park for Cheng'a Industrial Park, undertakes the industrial transfer demonstration park in the east and west, and promotes the industrial reconstruction demonstration park after the disaster. effect. Vice Mayor Bai Gang attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

"Our LED chip production line in Chengdu will mainly produce high-brightness LED chips for lighting." According to the person in charge of Chengdu Silan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the construction area of ​​the first phase of the project in Cheng'a Industrial Zone is about 73,000. Square meters, will build a complete integrated circuit and high-brightness LED chip manufacturing required for the complete power facilities, the purification area of ​​the chip plant will reach 6,600 square meters, it is expected that the purification of the purification plant will be partially completed by the end of June 2011, and Environmental standards were met; in 2011, some domestic processes were put into production in the fourth quarter; in 2012, all were completed and put into production. The project will focus on the development of integrated circuit and semiconductor power device chip production line, power module packaging production line, high-brightness LED chip production line, LED packaging production four business. In addition, it is also widely used in high-efficiency power adapters, variable frequency motor drives, solar inverters, and LED lamp drives.