Four-way remote control transmitting circuit

This part of the circuit is mainly composed of 315MHz wireless data transmission module and code integration PT2262. The schematic diagram of the wireless transmitting module is shown in Figure 1 (b). It has a wide operating voltage range of 3-12V. When the voltage changes, the transmitting frequency is basically unchanged, and the receiving module matched with the transmitting module can be adjusted without any adjustment. Received steadily. When the emission voltage is 3V, the transmission distance is about 20-50m, the transmission power is small; when the voltage is 5V, about 100-200m) when the voltage is 9V, about 300-500m; when the emission voltage is 12V, it is the best work. The voltage has a good emission effect, the emission current is about 60 mA, the transmission distance is 700-800 m, and the transmission power is about 500 mW. When the voltage is greater than 12 V, the power consumption increases, and the effective transmission power is no longer significantly improved. The transmitter module is modulated in ASK mode to reduce power consumption. When the data signal stops, the emission current drops to zero. The data signal and the input end of the DF transmitting module can be connected by resistor or directly without capacitive coupling, otherwise the DF transmitting module will not work normally. The data level should be close to the actual operating voltage of the DF data module for higher modulation.

When the button is not pressed normally, the transistor Q is turned off, the code integrated IC1 is in the power-off state, and the wireless data transmitting module does not transmit a signal. When any one of the buttons S1-s4 is pressed, the transistor Q1 is turned on, and the code integrated ICI starts to work. It is encoded according to the level of the data input terminal Do-D3, and the coded signal is composed of: address code, data code, and synchronization code. Complete codeword. The encoded signal is modulated by the wireless data transmitting module V1 and transmitted to the surrounding space via the antenna. The transmitting module continuously transmits a wireless signal if the button is held down. When the coded integrated ICI (PT2262) pin 17 is low, the 315MHz high-frequency transmitting circuit stops oscillating, so the high-frequency transmitting circuit is completely controlled by the digital signal of the 17-pin output of the PT2262, thereby completing the amplitude key for the high-frequency circuit. Control (ASK modulation) is equivalent to an amplitude modulation with a modulation degree of 100%.

Four-way remote control transmitting circuit:

Four-way remote control transmitting circuit

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