Fried Wang! New millet box comes: First taste of artificial intelligence

Today, Xiaomi announced that it will release a new generation of millet boxes on November 16. This is an artificial set-top box.

At present, Xiaomi has not disclosed more news about this TV box, but since it is claimed to be artificial intelligence, its configuration should be greatly improved compared to the current products.

The whole new generation of millet boxes should be equipped with a "PatchWall puzzle wall" system, which uses a magazine typesetting page and has almost unlimited vertical scrolling flow content.

In addition, the classification of content is not cluttered, but based on the user's habits to personalize the recommendation, allowing users to more easily find their favorite content.

In addition, Xiaomi also revealed in the poster that this new generation of box has "1 evolution, 6 upgrades", but did not disclose specific content, wait for an online conference to reveal the answer.

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