Getting Started with Tripod - SIRUI Si Rui E1005A out of the box (no sample no sister paper)

Note: The younger brother has been living in Turkey in recent days. He can only look at the books he brings to send his day. Today occasionally look at the mobile phone memory card and found that there are some out of the door to shoot out of the Serie E1005A out of the box, nothing else, deception gold coins. Eye-catching no sister piece paper

I. Introduction

During 618, he was commissioned by a family cousin to help carry a tripod. I thought that my cousin really qualified for the "A-Mother Party," and went on sale in the promotional season. Listening to his request carefully, he suddenly turned his attention to his concentration and could not help but look him up and down. If it is really "bone qiqing, different talents," entering the stars into the sea into the aunt just around the corner.

The requirements are as follows: "Low prices", "better load-bearing", "portable refraction", "low weight", and "if you can disassemble a monopod" are better. Answer: "300-400 yuan."

Well, taking advantage of the e-commerce PK, every day to brush Aunt, finally found the goods, SIRUI Rui Rui E1005A + G12 head

1.51KG (including PTZ), bearing 10KG (this is a joke, but normal indoor use is feasible). 35.5CM folding size, monopod...

The most important thing (I'm sorry I couldn't live with JD. I can't brush the order at the time. Turkey's network this time)

As long as 368, as long as 368 domestic brands, ultra portable tripod home, 368, 368 you will not run away from his wife. In the face of this price, I will not scold the bicycle, order and purchase.

Second, receiving goods out of the box

Newcomers enter the group to identify themselves

The big red-colored “Chinese Photographers Association” has appointed products on behalf of the General Assembly. Are you laughing at me? I’m all white.

Report 3D

Outer packaging 40CM, indicating shelf 35.5CM is credible

Bills and packaging

Still very reliable, there are plastic bags and cloth bags in the box, although the price is cheap but there is no omission.

Body, bag, brochures and accessories family portrait

Let’s make it shine

The default axis is raised

Third, the main features and details

1. PTZ

G10 PTZ quick plate work is still good, 6 pieces of anti-skid pad to ensure the friction

Red button and gold blocker, very eye-catching

Dual level meter also facilitates calibration

Ball head with panoramic shooting scale

2. Leg and disassembly

First borrow official pictures because there is no actual measurement

Because it is a 5-section design, the end is too small and not recommended.

Colloidal nails

Knob adjustment, rotate to half

Largest rise, close to 1.5 meters

Angle adjustment method

When you need to adjust, put the foot tube inward, and then press and hold the clip, adjust to the appropriate angle, you can reflex, follow the fold, the size is very small after folding

3, monopod and axis inversion

There are quite a lot of functions. In fact, you and I all know that this is a routine and it is a sales gimmick.

Well, it's over! Because Cary's picture is also finished, I was happily compiling it again, but there was no rice pot, and the dilemma was nowhere to go. The two books on hand had already been read, and the internet was still intermittent.

Maybe next time I write a little book about "Conservatism"? Do not know if it will be edited to kill?

1.5"~2" Speaker 40~50mm

1.5"~2" speaker (40~50mm)

1)1.5" speaker 40mm speaker
2)1.75" speaker 44mm speaker
3)1.8" speaker 45mm speaker
4)1.9" speaker 48mm speaker
5)2" speaker 50mm speaker



Q1. What is the MOQ?
XDEC: 2000pcs for one model.
Q2. What is the delivery lead time?
XDEC: 15 days for normal orders, 10 days for urgent orders.
Q3. What are the payment methods?
XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram.
Q4. Can you offer samples for testing?
XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples.
Q5. How soon can you send samples?
XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

1.5" Speaker 40Mm Speaker,1.75" Speaker 44Mm Speaker,1.8" Speaker 45Mm Speaker,1.9" Speaker 48Mm Speaker

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