Global video audience is expected to reach 1.6 billion in 2015

According to an AdvancedTelevision report, Parks Associates predicts that the global video audience will reach 1.6 billion in 2015 and will increase to 1.9 billion in 2019.

Global LTE subscribers will exceed 700 million in 2015, with the United States, Europe, China and Latin America at the forefront.

Barbara Kraus, Director of Research at Parks Associates, said: "With the diversity of content and streaming media choices, first-class user experience is increasingly important for the sales, subscription and use of pay-TV vendors and consumer electronics manufacturers. With the search more convenient and rapid, the broadband performance is more abundant, the user interface is more intuitive, and it is very important to obtain the content that users want."

Analyst Tejas Mehta said: “Broadband penetration rates in North America and Western Europe will increase steadily, and Latin American and Asia Pacific regions will continue to grow. In 2017, broadband households in the Asia Pacific region will exceed more than half, and Japan and Korea will become clouds. With the fastest growing market for storage users, the CAGR of consumer spending in 2014-2019 will exceed 33%.”

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Electric Water Kettle

If you are new to the concept of using an electric kettle, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of electric kettles that are displayed on the store shelves and have difficulty deciding which one would be the best to suit your individual needs or desires.  This introduction will give you some basic information about some of the features that are available on various types of electric kettles so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing one for use in your home.




Spend few minutes to boil : After 5 minutes, hot water will finish for you to drink.


3 protection functions : The on/off button is on the handle, making it easy to turn the kettle off when you pick it up.  A concealed heating unit reduces the amount of buildup in the kettle.

It will be a problem when you forget to close the button.Once the water boils the kettle shuts itself off.Do not have to worry about damaging it by letting it run dry. When water runs dry,It will cut the electric by itself.


Multiple Cups: Water can be loaded to 1.8Liter.


Materials :

Food grade stainless steel, more healthy and hygienic. PP handle wieh heat insulation material provides scald resistance. Durable controller performance with 360 degree rotation cordless base design.


OEM & ODM service : Try best to support you during production and provide better after-sales service.Enhance your brand popularity.



Make a cup of tea.

Boil eggs.

Cook noodles.

Electric Water Kettle

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