[Golden Globe Award] Pushing the overall cooling solution overclocking three won the radiator class Golden Globe Award

[Text / high-tech LED Gan Qin] At present, the heat dissipation problem is still one of the problems of LED lighting, because in the operation of LED light source, about 30% of electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the remaining 70% is converted into heat energy, in order to avoid LED The light source is prematurely degraded due to long-term high temperature operation, and the heat is quickly extracted, and the cavity temperature in the LED lamp is effectively reduced to become a key technology for the structural design of the LED lamp.

The research on the heat dissipation problem in the industry has not been interrupted. Various innovative heat dissipation structures and heat dissipation materials are emerging one after another. Looking for a simple and easy to use, good thermal conductivity cooling solution has become the direction of many cooling companies.

On December 12th, the “2015 High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards Ceremony” was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the witness of more than 500 LED industry leaders, 30 categories of Golden Globe trophies were finally announced.

Among them, the "high-power LED heat pipe riveting fin cooling system technology" launched by Overclocking Technology has won the championship and won the Golden Globe Award in this year. Wan Jinghua's 1200-watt maximum power single-lamp radiator and Puwan photoelectric polymer-plastic aluminum heat-dissipation PAR lamp won the finalist.

As we all know, in the field of high-power lighting, due to the high ambient temperature of the lamp itself, poor heat dissipation has become the main cause of premature aging of LED light sources. How to ensure the normal use of the luminaire requires solid cooling technology as a backing.

Since the driving current of high-power LED reaches 1000mA, 5000mA or even 10A or more, it is easy to cause heat accumulation in the chip, thermal energy emission wavelength drift, light emission efficiency degradation, accelerated phosphor aging and shortened service life, etc. Technology can solve these problems very well.

Du Jianjun, Chairman of Overclocking 3, introduced the company's award-winning products using heat pipe riveting fin heat dissipation technology and three-dimensional heat dissipation. This technology efficiently transfers the heat generated by the light source to the large-area fin group through the heat pipe, and dissipates it to quickly reduce the light source. The purpose of temperature and prolonging the service life of the light source is the first domestic single-chip support for 300W-1000W LED heat dissipation technology.

In addition, this technology combines HDT patented technology and buckled FIN patent technology, and the heat transfer speed is 200 times higher than that of traditional aluminum radiator. It has successfully broken the technical bottleneck of LED heat dissipation and surpassed the traditional high pressure sodium lamp of 2000W or above.

In fact, to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED products, the choice of heat-dissipating materials is particularly important. Generally speaking, enterprises mainly choose metal as the material of the heat sink. For the materials selected, it is best to have both high specific heat and high heat transfer coefficient. Currently, the heat sink is mainly made of aluminum and copper.

"The thermal conductivity of copper is 1.69 times that of aluminum, so under the same conditions, the pure copper heat sink can remove heat from the heat source more quickly." Du Jianjun said that the product is pure copper heat, high efficiency pure copper The heat pipe utilizes the principle of heat conduction and the rapid heat transfer property of the refrigerant to rapidly transfer heat to the heat source, and the heat conductivity exceeds any known metal.

However, in the view of overclocking three, products and technologies are important, but the overall service level is more important. The company not only provides customers with high-quality cooling technology and products, but also provides overall solutions to meet the needs of customers. Only the overall cooling solution can help customers save a lot of time and cost.

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