Google’s latest patent, sticking people to the car after hitting a pedestrian

Google’s driverless car is still being tested. A new patent document shows that Google has found a way to protect pedestrians after a car crash, which is to stick pedestrians to the front cover and bumper to prevent pedestrians from suffering Second impact.

In traffic accidents caused by crashes, most of the damage suffered by pedestrians is not caused by the first impact, but by the chain reaction caused by the collision, caused by collision of other vehicles. The Google Driverless Auto team has developed a new technology to address this issue. The latest patent documents show that Google's driverless car will add a layer of adhesive to the front end of the car. When the car runs out of control and hits the pedestrian, it can stick the pedestrian to the car after the first impact, preventing pedestrians from encountering in a hurry. Second impact.

The exterior of the adhesive is covered with a protective film that automatically breaks in the event of an accident and sticks to any potentially injured objects in the crash. The practice of standing on the front of the car can effectively avoid the risk of pedestrians being hit into the traffic.

Google’s solution is very imaginative, said former Chicago Transportation Director Gabe Klein, a solution that is more like another type of airbag, fixing the victim at the moment of the crash and enabling it at low speeds. For other protections, other cars can also consider similar designs to improve safety.

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