Google teamed up with Fiat to develop a driverless car

Beijing time on May 3, according to BusinessTImes website, people familiar with the matter said recently that Google and Fiat Chrysler will soon reach a partnership, which may break the competition between Silicon Valley and the automotive industry, and jointly develop driverless cars.

The two partnerships may soon announce to the public that due to the privacy of the cooperative transaction, three people familiar with the matter requested anonymity. The blogger of the blog revealed the talks for the first time on Thursday.

Google and Fiat Chrysler declined to comment.

Google teamed up with Fiat to develop a driverless car

Google has said that it does not want to produce driverless cars on its own. The company has tried to explore cooperation with car companies, but the final deal has not been reached.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Malchonet (click to view the latest person news) said that the company had a meeting with a high-tech company this week, but did not disclose the details.

In addition, executives from other automakers such as Ford, GM and Daimler are cautious about working with Google or other high-tech companies, fearing that it will turn them into hardware suppliers.

Auto industry executives have said they don't want to stand by and let Google profit from the data generated by vehicles and passengers.

GM has said it plans to develop driverless car technology on its own and has acquired the driverless car startup Cruise AutomaTIon.

On a conference call after Fiat Chrysler released its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday, Marjorie once again expressed interest in working with Google or Apple.

Malchoy responded to questions about cooperation with non-traditional automakers. "We are still continuing to engage in dialogue with people interested in exploring the automotive world, and we will continue to help them find their way out."

John Krafusik, Google’s driver of the driverless car project and former chief executive of the automotive industry, publicly sought partners at a conference held in Detroit in January this year.

It is speculated that Chrysler's Pacifica van launched in February will use Google technology, and Fiat Chrysler executives in Michigan and executives at its headquarters in Italy declined to comment. Malchonet and other company executives plan to go to the factory in Windsor, Ontario on May 6. It is reported that this factory produces Pacifica models.

Auto and high-tech industry executives say that driverless cars may first be used in car sharing.

The model of the Google Driverless Car project is a 450h hybrid car from the Lexus RX (matching, picture, inquiry) developed by Toyota.

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