Green economy makes e-waste become a treasure

Green economy makes e-waste become a treasure I believe that many people, like the author, have headaches for e-waste in the home. After the replacement of the mobile digital computer products, all kinds of power, data lines tangled ... and then think of the company lying in the storage room Many of the outdated computer cases, keyboards, mice, printers, photocopiers and other office equipment, home appliance stores recycling of consumer-owned second-hand home appliances. According to data released by the National Development and Reform Commission at the beginning of 2012, China has entered the peak period of household appliances scrapping. The annual theoretical scrapping amount exceeds 50 million units, and the average annual scrapping volume increases by 20%. It is expected that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the annual waste will be With more than 160 million units, China will become the world's largest electronic junkyard.

Several years ago, media attention was paid to the status quo of home appliance recycling and dismantling enterprises. Domestically-integrated household electrical appliances companies represented by Haier and TCL (Weibo) also began to invest costs to pay attention to the recycling industry chain, but subject to the objective impact of the market and policies, Coupled with the involvement of non-regular legions driven by interests and weak national environmental awareness, the development of recycling and dismantling of used household appliances has been difficult.

On the previous day, more than 20 domestic TV stations, newspapers and magazines, and internet media delegations were invited to visit Fuji Xerox AG (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. As an invited media reporter, the author defined the visit as environmental awareness and sustainable development. Re-education of ideas.

Aikei Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was formally put into operation in January 2008, is an innovative link in Fuji Xerox's sustainable development value chain in China. The recycling of old objects will turn waste from office equipment into a treasure, integrate resource recycling, and pay attention to environmental development. It is difficult to imagine a clumsy printer in the hands of the staff, after a dismantling and stripping process, was accurately classified and classified as nearly 70 kinds of parts and raw materials. The raw materials that have been categorized and classified are then converted into useful product resources by recycling partner companies that have been audited and signed agreements, such as our common automotive parts and plastic toys. During the two-hour visit, the author deeply felt the environmental awareness conveyed by Fuji Xerox in details: exquisite folders and notebooks made from 100% recycled resin materials, corridors using natural light on the roof, and different materials in disposable masks. The demolition classification ... It is worth thinking about the phenomenon is that, as of now, AGCO manufacturing is still in a non-profit state, although Mr. Xu Zhenggang, the CEO of Fuji Xerox China, frankly stated, "This does not meet our ideal goal, and is objectively affected by China's land area. The vast and complex market restrictions, coupled with the lack of a stable and comprehensive logistics recovery cooperation agency, and weak consumer awareness of environmental protection by non-direct channels,” are not profitable operations, but Fuji Xerox will continue to adhere to it because It is part of corporate social responsibility.

The Chinese government, the media, and even the public acknowledged Fuji Xerox’s profit-free operation model (Fuji Xerox has won many public environmental green contribution awards from relevant government departments and the media successively), which gave the company some degree of persistence. With the impetus, more and more companies attach importance to the development of CRS. However, there are others who can explain the concept of environmental protection and green economy so thoroughly. We should recognize that the stakeholders involved in CRS are that the environment is the community and the next generation.

At the award ceremony of the “Environmental Brand Contribution Award” held in May this year, 15 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean machine-manufacturing companies represented by Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd. were honored for their active participation in the China Environmental Labeling Program and promotion. The production and consumption of environmentally friendly products, and contributions to a green economy and sustainable development. But it is worth pondering that only 15 of these 15 companies have their own companies in China!

The Japanese teacher, Watanabe, who was accompanying him, was surprised and surprised when she introduced us to our own Tokyo home how to divide rubbish into 13 kinds, and to distinguish between different dates and areas where the rubbish was collected for recycling. In June 2007, the CCTV Science Channel, a series of documentary films entitled “Green Space—Enlightenment from Japan’s Economic Cycle,” mentioned that “garbage is not a natural thing. It is made up of resources and it is a misplaced resource. "What we need to do is to effectively use these resources and protect the environment we depend on. As the media, we have the responsibility to call for and hope that the government and the public can carry this awareness forward and implement it. Otherwise, even a 9.6 million square kilometers of land will be unsustainable.

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