GTX1060 in the great changes Lei Shen 911-S1g Reviews

[IT168 evaluation] In the current notebook market, almost every manufacturer has its own game series, such as HP Shadow Elf, Dell Tour, Acer Shadow Knight, ASUS Flying Fortress, Lenovo savers are all the same, but these games Bendo is one of the many product lines in the brand. Although there are innovations in the appearance, it is far from eye-catching. The most eye-catching appearance is, of course, the Raytheon 911 series sports car.

Since its launch, Raytheon's 911 series of games have always maintained the classic look of super running design concept, but you can't think that this series has been standing still. In fact, with the processor, video card and other hardware updates, Raytheon is also This classic game has been upgraded. Today's Raytheon 911-S1g is the latest in this series. It has changed in many places while maintaining the classic appearance. It is these changes that make Raytheon-S1g a both How does it perform when it inherits classic products and further caters to consumers' experience? Xiao Bian will take you to find out today.

Appearance: Continuing the appearance of super running classic does not need to say

â–²A surface

Raytheon 911 uses super-running design concept as a whole, this 911-S1g is a matte black color version, two raised shoulder straps, red lights embedded in it are definitely the most eye-catching in a domestic game. Existence, it is worth noting that Raytheon 911-S1g's new machine does not have a logo on the A side, but presented a metal patch logo for the player to DIY, regardless of which position on the A surface can produce a different Visual effects give players a more personalized gaming experience.

â–² The super speaker's front speaker and rear heat outlet

The super-running element is the biggest feature of the Raytheon 911-S1g in the design. Except for the A-face, which is like a super-running electric shoulder line, the two front speakers are more like the air intake holes on both sides of the front of the sports car, and the rear two of the fuselage A cooling outlet is like a sports car's exhaust pipe. This symmetry design undoubtedly makes the 911-S1g look more beautiful. The bright silver trim on the front of the camera also wraps the two front speakers together. Under the overall tone of matte black, such bright silver embellishment is just right.

â–² After starting up, the light on the A side will also light up

Raytheon 911-S1g's side A is made of composite material, matte black low-key color to make light strips and metal logo more dazzling, and this classic appearance is Raytheon 911 series has been passed down, this latest version of Raytheon 911-S1g of course also have The biggest change in the upgrade is on the C side.

Compared to the previous generation of the 911 models, the Raytheon 911-S1g made a major change on the C side. If it was a friend who had previously been concerned with the 911 game, it must have been able to find some clues on this new C side. First we can It is of course that Raytheon cancels a row of physical function buttons on the keyboard. This not only makes the C surface more concise, but more importantly it allows the keyboard to be moved to the player to prepare a wider palm rest. Provide a better sense of support.

â–² Raytheon 911-S1g B surface is a 15.6 inch 1080P full HD IPS matte display

â–² In addition to the stickers, we can also see the brushed texture of the C surface.

In terms of material, Raytheon 911-S1g's C surface is stamped and formed from magnesium alloy, which not only has a full metal texture, but also shows a drawing process on the C surface, which is more beautiful, and the all-metal C surface protects internal components. More helpful.

â–² There is also a circle around the touchpad, similar to the color of the backlit keyboard

â–² keyboard details

In terms of the keyboard that greatly influences the gaming experience, the Raytheon 911-S1g uses a full-size keyboard design, with a moderate keystroke, good rebound strength, good percussion, and a good feel when playing games. At the same time, Raytheon will also “WASD” four. The iconic game buttons are distinguished by white borders, adding a bit of gameplay.

â–² Raytheon 911-S1g backlit keyboard in a black environment

In the choice of backlight, Raytheon 911-S1g did not choose to exaggerate the fancy full-color backlight, but with a soft white backlight, at the same time after turning on the backlight, only from the side can see the light emitting area of ​​each button, look from the front You can only see each key clearly. Although this kind of backlight is not as dazzling as a full-color backlight, the win is soft and practical. In the dark, even if there is no screen light, you can see each key clearly, but not at all. Dazzling.

â–² left side of the fuselage, from left to right are two USB3.1 Gen1 interface (one of which supports shutdown charging), multi-card reader, battery indicator and hard disk indicator

â–² The right side of the fuselage, from left to right are the headphone jack, USB3.1 Gen2 interface, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C interface and notebook keyhole

â–²The fuselage rear interface, from left to right is the power jack, RJ45 cable interface, Mini DP interface and HDMI interface

In terms of interfaces, the Raytheon 911-S1g is also well-prepared. Three standard USB3.1 interfaces and one USB3.1 Type-C interface are compatible with various USB devices on the market. Based on the GTX1060's powerful performance, Raytheon 911- S1g's Mini DP interface supports VR output and 4K/60GHz video output. In addition to many games in the high-power mode of power problems, Raytheon 911-S1g specifically prepared for the 230W power supply, eliminating the player's worries.

â–² D-plane of Raytheon 911-S1g is very neat

On the D side, we can see a lot of elements, cooling windows, floor mats, bass units, and even a part of the rear heat vent, but thanks to good design, the D side doesn't look cluttered. The three floor mats and the two cooling windows are also arranged neatly.

â–²Radiator outlets on the left and right sides of the back of the fuselage

In the heat dissipation module, in addition to the large area of ​​the D surface cooling window, Raytheon 911-S1g uses a rear dual fan design, the left and right sides of the fuselage have a heat dissipation outlet, the area of ​​the two heat dissipation outlet is only large The whole body can only be seen when the fuselage stands up. The specific heat dissipation performance will be presented to everyone in the subsequent thermal test.

As a game book, performance is its most important and most valued by players. Only the performance is strong enough to help players to enjoy various stand-alone masterpieces and enjoy high-quality picture quality. Compared with the previous generation, the 911-S1g is certainly equipped with a GTX1060 graphics card and is equipped with 6GB DDR5 graphics memory. In addition, the i7-6700HQ processor, 8GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB SSD solid-state hard drive also allow us to use the Raytheon 911-S1g. What is the performance of the performance expectations? We together look.

â–² AIDA64 system overview, all configuration at a glance

Raytheon 911-S1g equipped with Core i7-6700HQ processor based on 14nm process technology, the core code is Skylake-H, with four core eight threads, the initial frequency of 2.6GHz, Rui Rui to 3.1GHz ~ 3.5GHz, two The cache is 6MB, and the highest TDP (power consumption) is 45W. We can also see through the test score of CPU-Z that the i7-6700HQ has approached the default frequency up to 3.5GHz regardless of the performance of a single-core processor or a multi-core processor. The Core i5-6600K processor, which belongs to the six-generation Core family, shows the power of this quad-core notebook processor.

â–² Pascal architecture of the Nvidia GTX1060 graphics card

For gamers, GTX1060 can be said to be a kind of surprise, although the model seems to be not high, but the actual performance is almost comparable with the GTX980M, become the player's most cost-effective choice, GTX1060 is based on the GP106 core, 16nm process, with 1280 CUDA cores, basic frequency of 1405MHz, Boost acceleration frequency of up to 1671MHz, memory capacity of 6GB GDDR5 specifications, 192bit width, bandwidth 192GB/s.

With the support of the GTX1060 and 6GB DDR5 memory, the Raytheon 911-S1g received a P score of 10,903 in the 3D Mark 11, with an X score of up to 4929 points. This also reflects the overall performance of the Nvidia 10 Series high-end graphics cards. A huge upgrade, today's notebook graphics, and finally have a higher level of strength with the desktop-class graphics.

We tested the overall performance of the processor and graphics card with the CineBench R11.5 and R15. In the R15, we can see that the Core i7-6700HQ processor got a 674cb score; and the graphics card, the GTX1060 also live up to expectations, and got a 96.67 FPS. Score, strong performance. The next thing we are going to do is test the performance of the whole machine, mainly through PCMark7.

In the PCMark7 test, the Raytheon 911-S1g received a standard score of 5398. This fully demonstrates the strength of the Raytheon 911-S1g. For such a game, every player plays no matter what the game is. There is no need to worry about the problem of not being able to use sex, and the tasks such as high-definition video and audio, business office, etc. will be even more difficult. Then what kind of performance will this game have in the game? The next game actually gives you the answer.

In the game testing session, we will test how Raytheon's 911-S1g performs in the game through two game testing software and a new stand-alone masterpiece NBA2K17 and whether it can meet the requirements of gamers.

Heaven Benchmark is a test software developed by the famous Unreal Engine. Real-time large scene rendering can instantaneously excavate the extremes of graphics performance. In the Heaven Benchmark test, Raytheon-911S1g got an amazing average of 105FPS under the default 1080P quality. Score up to 2644 points.

In the Final Fantasy 14 scene test, with the GTX1060's powerful strength, the Raytheon 911-S1g easily scored 12630 scores and “Extremely High” rating under the default 1080P picture quality.

â–²In "NBA2K17" we have adjusted the screen options to "high" and turned on 4x anti-aliasing

â–²It is worth noting that the number of frames will be locked at 30 FPS when performing cross-cuts such as player free throws and player celebrations.

"NBA2k17" is the latest work of the classic basketball stand-alone NBA2K series. It officially landed on various platforms this fall. In "NBA2K17", the audience is richer and more detailed, the players' portraits are more realistic, the floor reflections, the players' sweat and other details. It is also in place. Raytheon 911-S1g runs almost full frame in "NBA2K17". Even if players perform free games such as free throws and celebrations, the number of frames will be locked to 30FPS. Raytheon 911-S1g also easily captures the average FPS of 59.133. .

Through the game testing session, we must have a more comprehensive understanding of the game performance of Raytheon 911-S1g. After replacing the latest GTX1060 graphics card, thanks to the overall progress of the process, core, and architecture, Raytheon 911-S1g has To meet the game needs of various players, whether it is a large-scale online games or the latest stand-alone masterpiece is no pressure.

Thermal test: good heat dissipation

The importance of heat to the game is believed not to need to make up a few words. If there is no good heat dissipation, then a long game will not only damage the game itself, but also affect the performance of the CPU and the graphics card. In terms of heat dissipation, Raytheon 911-S1g is equipped with a rear dual fan, while the D surface has a large area of ​​the cooling window, there are multiple feet mats so that Raytheon 911-S1g can have ample bottom air intake space when in use. We use the system stability test of AIDA64 to squeeze the performance of CPU, GPU and hard disk to 100% to see how the Raytheon 911-S1g performs under extreme conditions.

â–² AIDA64 system stability test

â–² body heat situation

After 30 minutes of running AIDA64 system stability, the Raytheon 911-S1g face top temperature of 51.8 °, the back temperature is up to 56.9 °, do not be scared by this temperature, with the substantial increase in hardware performance, players now There are few scenes in the daily game that need to be squeezed for 100% performance, and the Raytheon 911-S1g's thermal performance is at a good level at this level, especially the back temperature distribution, which is mainly concentrated near the air outlet and air inlet, which indicates that the machine The internal heat dissipation structure is excellent and does not cause heat build-up.

Summary: Heritage Classic Upgrading

In many games, high-end games such as aliens, player countries, etc., although they are very impressive in appearance, but the price is also prohibitive for many consumers, and Raytheon 911 series of game titles in the appearance is undoubtedly with those high-end games Competing, and Raytheon also kept this in the iteration of the product, the design of the super running concept is still outstanding in today's game market, but Raytheon did not rest on its laurels, but inherited the classic design. Under the premise of constantly improving the needs of players, such as the 911-S1g C surface upgrade to metal material is the best expression.

Of course, as a new game, Raytheon 911-S1g's biggest upgrade still appears in the video card part. The new GTX1060 graphics card gives the Raytheon 911-S1g far superior to the previous generation's game performance, enough to meet the gaming needs of game enthusiasts, and the relative The price of close to the people has also made it one of the most powerful games in the market.

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