Habson H501S Review: How to choose a novice drone? Buying is not expensive! (under)

In the previous article, we tested the results from the design, battery, motor, propeller, and split of the Haberson Bad Kid drone . Then this article emphasizes its internal strength and performance.

Outdoor GPS search stars are fast. About a minute, you can find 6 stars. At the same time, the bad boy supports the barometric record high.
Outdoor hovering accuracy ±
0.5 m (horizontal, vertical). With the wind, noise, friends who have played, jokingly said that it is a good choice to catch fish and sheep. I still don't believe it at the time.
When I can see the picture below, I will believe it.
QQ screenshot 20161223161543
It is really amazing. The hover is very stable, and novices can play such cool stunts.

The other is the bad boy's camera system.
This machine has no pan/tilt adjustment and shock absorption. Its suspension system is based on its own reasonable design. The camera uses a 1920*1080P HD camera with 2 million pixels.

Above the camera, the parameters are useless. I chose aerial photos of two environments for comparison.
One is a sunny wind condition; one is a cloudy breeze condition. Lets come look.

This is a shot under heavy winds on a sunny day:
Sunny day -1- cropping

Sunny -3- cropping

Shooting pictures under cloudy breeze conditions:
Cloudy -1- cropping

Cloudy -2- cropping

In the case of good weather during the day, the color is high and the picture coloring is good. However, under backlight conditions, the screen rendering is slightly insufficient. Part of the dark area picture is normal.

Overall, this is a cost-effective entry drone. In the current situation of unmanned maneuvers, seven hundred and eight thousand, over 10,000 yuan, the Habson bad boy, perhaps just like its name "bad boy", has become a scene in the market.

From this, we can know that only by taking the product experience and lowering the user's pain points can we stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and promote the healthy development of the industry.
In the end, this is an era when the product is king and the experience is king.

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