Haier launches three smart sweepers to superimpose multiple functions

Haier's intelligent Internet platform incubator Maker Xiaowei team launched three sweeping robots, including the Hello Kitty custom sweeper, the upgraded version of the Golden Age, and the sweeping robot combined with the Sanrio.

In order to expand the scope of cleaning, the Golden Sweeping Robot has added a hand-held vacuum cleaner to the original function to meet the needs of non-ground cleaning, which can realize all-round stereo cleaning. In addition, the automatic refill base also provides storage for the handheld vacuum cleaner. space. The Haier sweeping and mopping combination has been intelligently upgraded, adding a wifi connection, and controlling the machine through a mobile phone for remote cleaning. The sweeping and dragging combination includes Xiaozhi and Xiaojing. Xiaojing is a wiping robot. The built-in precision gyroscope can realize Y-shaped wet rubbing and bow-shaped dry rubbing, thus deepening the ground. clean.

As the user's needs become more and more diversified, on the one hand, the user has not satisfied the single ground cleaning, and the cleaning demand for the dust on the furniture surface is increasing. On the other hand, the user's application demand for the cleaning robot Internet of Things is improved. Mobile WIFI controls the demand for sweeping robots. With the rise of the 80s and 90s, young and fashionable female users are increasingly demanding the appearance of sweeping robots, and the demand for personalized customization is also increasing.

"Haier sweeping robot is based on platform big data to build a family service robot system, and hopes to achieve a seamless connection between products and user needs." Haier sweeping robot head Xu Hua said that Haier sweeper will insist on producing the most sensible family service. Robotics, a home service robot system that encompasses smart products, connected products, and smart product operating systems.

Fiber Optic Adapter

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Fiber optic adapters (also called couplers) are designed to connect two fiber optic cables together. They come in versions to connect single fibers together (simplex), two fibers together (duplex), or sometimes four fibers together (quad).
Adapters are designed for multimode or singlemode cables. The singlemode adapters offer more precise alignment of the tips of the connectors (ferrules). It is ok to use singlemode adapters to connect multimode cables, but you should not use multimode adapters to connect singlemode cables. This can cause misalignment of the small singlemode fibers and loss of signal strength (attenuation).

When connecting two multimode fibers, you should always make sure they are the same core diameter (50/125 or 62.5/125). A mismatch here will cause attenuation in one direction (where the larger fiber is transmitting light into the smaller fiber).

Fiber optic adapters are typically connecting cables with similiar connectors (SC to SC, LC to LC, etc.). Some adapters, called "hybrid", accept different types of connectors (ST to SC, LC to SC, etc.). When the connectors have differing ferrule sizes (1.25mm to 2.5mm), as found in LC to SC adapters, the adapters are significantly more expensive because of a more complicated design/manufacturing process.

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