Haier Xiaoshuai’s Internet Movie Machine Becomes the Largest Dark Horse in the Industry

“Intelligent micro-projection or will occupy the living room” and “TV may be withdrawn from the historical stage”...... In recent years, there have been endless sounds about traditional television being replaced. In fact, a series of micro-injection products represented by Haier Xiaoshuai are in fact accompany. As a result, the monopoly of television in the past has gradually collapsed. Why does traditional television not compete with smart micro-investment products?

Pseudo-intelligence, difficult to move traditional TVs

As a mainstream display device used by most of the traditional homes, there are four common problems in television: fixed storage, pseudo-intelligence, limited screen size, and eye injuries.

TVs are large in size and have a low degree of freedom of position. They need to be fixedly placed and have a high degree of difficulty in moving. Despite the fact that people are currently being used by mobile phones, computers, and PADs to develop smart usage habits, traditional TVs have hit "smart TV" gimmicks. However, most of them are merely grafting smart operating systems, and have not matured to the point where other smart terminals are able to express themselves smoothly. .

In addition, the limitations of the TV screen size did not bring audiences a pleasant viewing experience. Although a certain TV has a 120-inch large-screen LCD TV, its difficult installation factor and unreasonable price of RMB 500,000 make it countless. Tongue.

TV: Cumbersome, unmovable, unintelligent, more eye-opening

In addition to the above, one of the disadvantages of television that cannot be ignored is "eye injury." The vast majority of television LCD screens are designed to increase sharpness and are subject to special “brightening techniques” that cause the screen to emit both direct light sources that irritate the human eye and increase the reflection of light like glass. After a long time, the viewer will easily be stabbed with light, resulting in eye fatigue, vision loss, headaches and other issues.

Therefore, dragging the "heavy flesh" and the lack of smart, smart, but also for people to bring health hazards of television, is increasingly declining, so that the long-held Ba accounted for a long time "family chief watch officer" status. The current young generation of the 80s and 90s will even put it bluntly: “Do we need a TV?” “No, it doesn’t need to be.”

Upgrade the traditional projector, Haier Xiaoshuai's sudden emergence of the Internet movie machine

In the traditional LCD TVs, they also look back on their own shortcomings like “lightning” and seek out the next step. Haier Xiaoshuai's internet movie machine has risen suddenly, cracking the contradiction between the existing television and user demand. By summarizing the shortcomings of TV in terms of portability, eye injuries, etc., Haier Xiaoshuai's internet movie machine cuts into the field of smart micro-projection, upgrades traditional projectors, and breaks through pain points such as difficulty in installation of conventional projectors and general image quality one by one. , Portable, high-definition, large screen, no radiation, no eye injury and other advantages of rapid powder absorption.

Up to now, Haier Xiaoshuai has launched three smart micro-projects targeting different groups of people. Xiaoshuo Tianzhu's 360° spherical micro-projection, Xiaoshuai iBox micro-projection, and Xiaoshuai UFO Internet Movie Player. All three products are lightweight, smart and portable. The Xiaoshuo UFO internet movie machine, whether it is the shape or performance is extremely outstanding.

Xiaoshuo UFO Internet Movie Machine

Xiaoshuo UFO Internet Movie Player, built-in android4.4 intelligent system, using Texas Instruments DLP display technology, three-dimensional optical engine, each frame of the picture has been intelligent color correction, and in the light source, absorbing the traditional projector using resin lenses resistant The low level of grinding can easily lead to the poor interpretation of the drawings and the experience of running out of focus for a period of time. With the use of all-glass optical lenses, it is not easy to deform, and the images are clearer, more stable and truer, ensuring high quality output. In addition, UFO Future Edition also features a split Bluetooth speaker, which can be placed at will to make the sound experience even more perfect.

In addition, the biggest difference from traditional projectors is that Haier Xiaoshuai’s internet movie machine is not only a smart micro projector but also a real internet movie machine. By cooperating with content operators with rich copyright resources in China, Haier Xiaoshuai Internet Movie Machine will form a massive free and open video resource library for users, and the content of the resource library will be updated in 7x24 hours. This will mean that users who own Haier Xiaoshuai's Internet movie machine will also have their own movie library.

With the help of Haier Xiaoshuai's internet movie machine, Haier Xiaoshuai's team is gradually creating something that is different from the "second cinema line" of traditional theaters, allowing anyone with a white wall to watch movies. The biggest wish of Haier Xiaoshuai’s CEO Ma Wenjun is “Let everybody watch movies in their own way, so that every family has their own cinema”. In his plan, Haier Xiaoshuai Cinema will develop into a platform integrating user interaction, hardware and software consumption, from the first stage of “hardware content” to the second stage of “hardware content film company” until The third phase of the "hardware content film company film and television operations," the film and television ecosystem strategy development, docking the future of China's film industry Internet development huge space, leading the future of the Internet ecological theater.

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