Hardware is the cornerstone: 4K OLED TVs into color TV industry to save the grass

Skyworth began researching and exploring OLED technology and accumulated a large amount of technical reserves. It was not only the first company to mass-produce and sell OLED TVs in China, but also the first company to introduce Dolby Vision in 4K OLED products.

Since the Internet companies have entered the color TV industry, the sound of "bad hardware" has been buzzing.

In some Internet TV brands' "losing money for market" price warfare, many traditional color TV companies are in a stunned position and follow suit, emphasizing the importance of "smart", and forgetting the essence of TV is used to "see "of.

In the era of smart TV, the importance of platforms, software, and content is self-evident. However, no matter how a TV is played, consumers must first look at the picture when they buy home.

In particular, the current color TV industry in China is in an embarrassing situation: the market capacity has shrunk year-on-year, many companies have suffered losses, and there seems to be no overall improvement. Ovid Cloud predicts that the color TV market will reach 29.93 million units in the second half of 2015, down 3.2% year-on-year.

Since the internet TV brand advocates the "profit from advertising and service fees" model, which cannot save the overall slump in the color TV market, where is the help of the TV industry?

Only in the display of technological innovation, that is to achieve a fundamental breakthrough in the hardware, can become the main force driving the new round of color TV industry upgrade.

The “passive” light-emitting display principle of LCD TV screens causes the image quality to have congenital defects such as long response time, poor color gradation, and small viewing angle. Then, it has self-luminous characteristics, large viewing angle, pure color, and saving. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) television with electric energy, relying on the overwhelming picture quality advantage, began to follow the CRT (Color Picture Tube) television, LCD TV, boarded the history stage of development of color TV industry.

On August 25th, 2015, Skyworth and leading entertainment technology provider Dolby Laboratories released a 4K OLED TV with Dolby Vision technology in Beijing, which profoundly explains the standards of the new generation of “good TV” content experience to consumers. - Return to the people's demand for television, that is, display technology continues to innovate and create a greatly enhanced visual experience.

Liu Weizhi, president of Skyworth Group's color TV division, stated at the conference that all systems and content must be supported by hardware. Hardware is the carrier and the cornerstone. Every television revolution is a hardware-based revolution.

The author believes that in the color TV industry in China, Skyworth is a typical color TV company that attaches equal importance to “technology research and development” and “market touch.” It always follows the technological frontier while taking into account the market demand, and enhances the overall competitiveness of the product. . Under the background that the production cost of the upstream OLED TV panels has been significantly reduced and the yield rate has been greatly improved, OLED TVs are now entering the “fast growth period” from the “slow introduction period” of the previous two years, and Skyworth’s selection is fully exerted at this time. 4K OLED TV, sooner or later, just to seize the market opportunity, leading the color TV industry transformation and upgrading.

Skyworth began researching and exploring OLED technology and accumulated a large amount of technical reserves. It was not only the first company to achieve mass production and sales of OLED TVs in China, but also the first domestic company to introduce 4K OLED products.

Dolby Vision's business.

Dolby Vision is Dolby's latest development of a new generation of video display technology. Dolby Vision's High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology allows TVs to take full advantage of peak brightness, local contrast, and wider color gamut, dramatically improving the viewing experience of consumers.

Skyworth introduced a full range of OLED organic TVs, including luxury S9 series, exclusive S9300 series and standard version S9000 series. Among them, the luxury 4-color 4K OLED S9 series (65 inches, 55 inches), which incorporates Dolby Vision technology and OLED display technology, is a new generation of OLED organic television.

Smart TVs with rich functions still need "screens" to carry them. Because of this, display technology is still the first productivity of today's color TV products, testing the hardware manufacturing capabilities of color TV companies.

In fact, as a leader in the global consumer electronics industry, Apple has built an "iOS ecosystem" with a large number of fans relying on software, content, and platform services. However, more than 90% of Apple's operating revenue still comes from hardware. Not service.

According to Apple’s second fiscal quarter 2015 financial report, Apple’s revenue for the second quarter was US$58.01 billion, divided by product, with revenue from iPhones at US$40.282 billion, resulting in revenue from services only. This is 4.996 billion U.S. dollars.

The author suggests that while traditional TV companies actively embrace the Internet, they must not forget this irrefutable truth: Excellent hardware manufacturing capability is the cornerstone, and platform, software, content and other service areas are of course important, but if the foundation is unstable, the cart before the horse is upside down. What ecosystems are clouds.

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