HD set-top box evaluation: Baidu shadow stick 2S fluency, sharpness measured

The article at the moment is the final evaluation of the Baidu Shadow Stick 2S. Regarding its video-on-demand, on-demand, and local playback effects, the author will describe it from several perspectives, such as fluency and clarity. It's a bit of a rush. At the same time, it will also share with you the effect of the game application of Baidu's video stick 2S, and there are not many words that directly enter today's theme.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S - Cloud TV

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S
Cortex-A9 quad-core CPU, 28nm process,
Flash memory:
8GB Flash

Video on demand, live broadcast, local playback:
LeTV is the current mainstream content service provider, so the author opened the LeTV VOD platform for the first time.

Baidu Video Stick 2S - LeTV

It is worth mentioning that I really do not know what this movie is about, because the picture is not very smooth, and the clarity is bleak. Look at the picture below.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-on-demand test

Did you find Baidu's logo in the above figure (central position)? The following is written like this. During loading, several videos were put into trials, and all of them could not be viewed smoothly (possibly far from the router, 7-8m away) There is no partition.) Then take a look at the live picture.

Baidu shadow stick 2S-speed test

Friends who lack confidence and skepticism about speed can try to test their actual speed. The software of Baidu Shadow Stick 2S will explain the problem.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S - Program List

Baidu's video stick 2S network TV program features, it seems to have a lot of live TV channels, take a look at the actual effect.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-Live Test

The fluency of the game is OK (this was taken at around 8pm last night. The above on-demand play is taken at noon today). It may be related to the busyness of the network. As for the definition, it is really not good, but look at the friend's love HD channel playback effect.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-Live Test

The picture on the HD channel is so blurred that the author has a deep suspicion about the definition of the Baidu Shadow Stick 2S. All of these situations may not represent all of them (perhaps everything is just the case of the author, who knows it), but there is a sense of sameness. It can be topped, but fortunately, it still has something to praise, such as its local broadcast.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-Local Test

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-Local Test

The author's shooting angle and tactics have problems (I hope everyone can understand), but the definition is real and reliable (this article is 1080P resolution), and the fluency is very good, in fact, look forward to fast, do not have to wait more than 2 seconds.

Game test:
HD network set-top boxes can't really be called smart phones if they can only watch video. Baidu Shadow Stick 2S this time supports the game application market, but also can carry out more than three kinds of game operations, some people may not know where the game is, see below.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S - Game Interface

In my application there is a "recommended market" application software, which is pre-installed (can be used directly), click to enter the following page.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-Market

The author directly clicks into the sofa butler application, for convenience, enters the remote control game module.

Baidu Video Stick 2S - Game Menu

In order to truly see the actual operation of the game, the following "Thunder Racer" instructions.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S-game main interface

Here to note that support is 1080P resolution, pen a little experience, responsive, good fluency, but unfortunately, I did not see the opponent's car for a while.

Baidu Video Stick 2S - Gaming Experience

Left and right controls are not very convenient, and corners at large angles can be a bit slow.

Baidu Video Stick 2S - Gaming Experience

In general, the live and on-demand performance of Baidu's video stick 2S is not good, but its local playback is very good (for example, the author tested the box), it is worth affirming that its game application is still good, whether it is from fluency, It is also good for clarity. From the author's point of view, the actual application value of Baidu's video stick 2S is not big, and it still can't represent mainstream products. Its experience is unfriendly. It seems necessary to look at what its hardware configuration is like. I recently wrote a hardware evaluation. , more objective interpretation of it.

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