HDR really 4K curved screen small whale 55 inches TV new listing

In the field of Internet brands, LeTV was the first to launch its own curved surface television. The micro-whale, which is also an Internet TV brand, naturally cannot lag behind. As early as the beginning of this year, micro-whales continuously released new products within two months. From the 50-inch ultra-thin assassin to the 55-inch Pro model, micro-whales are rapidly catching up with the trend of the industry, and step-by-step upgrades and enhancements have appeared. The trend that comes from behind. This time, the micro whale also closely follows the pace of the curved surface era and launched its latest curved TV product. At present, this TV is scheduled to snap up at Jingdong Mall for 4,698 yuan. Sensual friends click to enter the e-commerce interface for details.

Little Whale W55C1J

The principle that the micro-whale has been adhering to is different for a new generation of students. This is also reflected in the W55 Curved TV. The overall color is black, and both the frame and the base of the TV use black, which makes the screen even more profound. At the same time maintaining a low-key attitude, there is also a sense of science and technology. Individuals still like the style of matching ferrous metal, not boastful but also have the texture of metal, these are good points for points.

Intelligent light control technology

At present, most smart TVs basically use integrated TV chips. Like computers with integrated graphics, image processing capabilities are limited. But the Microwhale W55 Curved TV has a two-chip design. It uses a desktop-class 64-bit processor and an independent MStar 6M60 image processing chip. Just like the addition of a discrete graphics card, the image processing performance is greatly enhanced, allowing you to see even more images. Naturally smooth, it is more fun to play racing games or watch football matches.

Surface screen shock experience

Microwhale W55 Curved TV has applied GITV Central Galaxy Internet TV licensee. At the same time, Tencent Video, Mango TV and VICE have integrated many quality resources. Through testing, it has also been found that anyone who registers a micro-whale account on television for the first time will receive a micro-whale member for free for one year, and the hottest videos can be easily watched. At the same time, micro-whales also used CMC's film industry, Oriental DreamWorks, IMAX China and other film agencies, making the TV content classification up to 10.

Micro Whale W55 Curved

[Reference price] 4698 yuan

[Dealer] Jingdong

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