High-definition coaxial cable transmission technology still has great potential

In the "2011 Trends" released last year, IMS Research released a short article ("HDcctv Joins the 2011 Market Fight"), which specifically introduces the HDcctv Alliance certified products into the video surveillance market. The article concludes that HDcctv Alliance certified products will not affect the use of network video surveillance equipment in the short term, but we also note that this new transmission technology has great potential.

Now that one year has passed, the market situation proves that IMSResearch's forecast is correct. Although the HDcctv Alliance certified products have continued to receive market recognition, sales throughout the year are still relatively slow.

The product category now used for video transmission has increased. In addition to the HDcctv Alliance certified products, there are HD-SDI and Coaxial Cable Security Link (SLOC) products on the market (represented by Sony's IP coaxial cable on the market), and can also be used in existing (or new) simulations. Transfer high-definition images on the infrastructure. Readers should note that the main difference between HDcctv Alliance/HD-SDI products and SLOC products lies in transmission. IMS Research is investigating all these different types of products as HD coaxial devices.

In the 2011 show, many manufacturers have introduced the concept of HD-SDI. At the 2011 CPSE Anbo, many video surveillance vendors brought HD-SDI cameras in 2011.

Looking into the future, the concept and market potential of coaxial cable are basically sound. There is a large number of analog video surveillance equipment and infrastructure on the market, and there is a strong demand for high-definition video. Having said that, the market for coaxial cable equipment in 2011 was relatively small, which was related to factors such as storage, price, transmission distance, training, and compatibility.

Then, what key changes will happen next year. Can it bring a platform for expanding the market of coaxial cable (only focusing on HD-SDI) equipment?

1. Standardization. For the infiltration of coaxial cable into the existing analog market, the compatibility issues of various suppliers or branded products must be resolved. Currently, there is no standard in the HD-SDI video surveillance equipment other than the HDcctv Alliance certified equipment.

2, storage costs. HD-SDI cameras transmit uncompressed high-definition video, which can result in increased storage requirements and costs. For HD-SDI to break the mainstream purchase market for analog devices, storage costs must come down. The cost of hard drives, especially considering the current situation in Thailand, has affected storage costs and hardware compression costs. The supply of coaxial cable compression is actually an oligopolistic market, or the niche market, and other manufacturers are not yet suitable to enter this melee.

3, market education. Manufacturers need to conduct accurate market segmentation and promote coaxial cable as a potential alternative to analog or network video surveillance solutions.

So what are our expectations for 2012? IMSResearch predicts that manufacturers will continue to promote coaxial cable equipment to end users to increase availability and selectivity. With the support of large manufacturers, such as Sony and Samsung Tyco, in 2012 there may be more and more large-scale video surveillance brands will begin to introduce some form of coaxial cable products in their product portfolio. As predicted last year, we do not believe that the demand for coaxial cable equipment in the market will increase sharply in 2012. However, IMS Research predicts that as more and more manufacturers begin to promote this technology, the growth of the coaxial cable market is strong and the market size will almost double.

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