High-powered, high-resolution, high-price three high flagship - SONY sound bar HT-ST9 Reviews

Introduction: Falun Dafa

SONY is a brand that has grown up in the 1980s for its peers. Many of its products have once led the industry with exquisite workmanship and exquisite workmanship. The child is WALKMAN, MD; The bigger is PS, PSP, Sony Ericsson; Then the VAIO notebook, micro-single; I still remember reading the era to see the delicate SONY ultra-thin MD and tape WALKMAN when feeling shocked, that kind of The beauty of the fine mechanics of flowing and merging is hard to perceive in current consumer electronics products.

The solid-state storage technology and the advancement of the mobile Internet have brought convenience and at the same time it has also cultivated nostalgia for the legacy of the old. In particular, in recent years, several consecutive fiscal year losses coupled with the PS4 were chased by the XBOX. After the divestment of the VAIO notebook business, it gave people the feeling of sunset. In 2016 CES, SONY TV business only launched a TV model X93D, the main 4K UHD HDR, contrasting with other vendors' hundreds of flowers, only positioning high-end, with the intention of rebuilding the audio and video empire with high-strength products.

One, sound bar products

The sound bar, also known as the whispering wall cabinet, is a product associated with the large-screen ultra-thin TV. Because the sound production requires a sufficient volume, the large-screen technology advances the sound volume to the outside - Twenty years ago, you would find that CRT TVs at that time used their own subwoofers as selling points, such as the Toshiba Rockets (exposure age >_<), but now they have no longer advertised their outstanding bass as TV. All of them are thin. There is not enough resonance chamber to produce bass, so we can only separate the sounding parts and turn them into sounds – and Xiaomi mixes the TV host circuits out with the sound bar. Actually, I feel more radical. The approach is modular, TV host + screen + sound bar, a few pieces of separate combinations, which piece would like to upgrade which block.

Soundbar 2.0 channels, 2.1 channels, 3.0 channels, 3.1 channels, 4.1, 7.1 and other different design and positioning products, given the shape is a bar, the size is not large, generally have an external subwoofer to cooperate with the expansion Low frequency response.

There are three series of five types of SONY vocal products, followed by high-low ST9, RT5, CT780, CT180, CT80, ST9 is the flagship of the highest level, magnetic fluid speaker, support Hi-Res, 7.1 independent channel output 370W Other configurations are not available in other models, but are still weaker than RT5 in surround sound effects.

Sony SONY HT-ST9 7.1-channel home theater whispering sound separation digital amplifier... ¥13990 Jingdong

Second, the product is out of the box and details

The previous evaluation products will have a "value" tape sticker, this ST9 is obviously an exception, it did not take delivery, but Debon logistics, so the body is also missing the yellow tape to add, but this evaluation product is obviously Aunt Zhang One of the highest official prices in all history, the elephant is invisible, and the value is not a sticker...

General sound bar products are subwoofer and bar speakers separately packaged to save the volume, easy to transport, but Dafa obviously does not take the unusual road, do not know whether to give the ST9 flagship treatment, sound bar and speaker are put in a box, Caused the box to be about the size of a 50-inch plasma box, and the weight and volume of the subwoofer and the vocal bar itself were not perfectly balanced, so when they arrived at the Debon warehouse, they were found to have been transported upside down. Crushed, fortunately the body is fine. The weight of nearly 30 kilograms is too large to require two people to move. Although the Dafa flagship is good, there is no need to overpack it. Expenses for material costs and transportation costs...

Out of the box, the box is too large, incomplete filming, the big is the subwoofer, the two long bars are the vocal body and the metal mesh cover, there are two batteries remote controller HDMI cable pads.

St9 details are in place, in order to protect the prominent golden ring dome tweeter, the use of a metal protective cover, metal protective cover work fine, even the fixing screws are also meticulous, vaguely the feeling of the year WALKMAN.

Carbon fiber weaving full frequency unit is very beautiful

Behind the IR relay RF window, a left and right, the purpose is when the sound bar is installed too high, blocking the TV's remote RF receiver port can play the role of signal relay, this detail is very intimate, although I did not use; IR The shape of the key hole next to the successor is the wall hanging

The power cord has a groove underneath, so that when the wall is in use, it can smooth the wall

Three HDMI input ports to facilitate simultaneous access to Blu-ray, TV audio back and set-top boxes, players, XBOX or PS game consoles, etc. There is also a fiber-optic cable interface and an audio interface, plus a USB port and NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth and other wireless transmission methods;

Wired access is provided with a pit in the area, especially considering that the HDMI line is relatively hard, the arc is large, and the pit is relatively deep. These details are lined with the flagship ST9.

The top and front are metal brushed and have excellent texture.

Both ends are imitation leather to enhance the texture

The surface treatment of the subwoofer is the same as that of the sound bar. The top metal wire drawing process has a good texture, and the back and bottom plates are metal stampings.

The 16KG subwoofer uses a 7-inch active unit, and underneath there is an elliptical passive unit with stiffeners to enhance low-frequency feel;

Third, the use of experience

Interface and software

At first glance, the top is a TV screen, below is the LCD screen of the vocal body (screen shot):

Initial setting

Choose height start/network standby, otherwise you will wait for a long time to start each time. In fact, even if you choose high speed, there is obvious sense of lag, about 3-5 seconds.

Update firmware

The specific process is relatively slow, and it is not enough to have a good experience such as Xiaomi. For example, for the music service, after entering the update, linking, and logging in three steps, it tells you that the area has not yet opened a service... It takes you half a minute to waste.

The system interface is as shown above, and the signal input source is logically differentiated

The NFC connection is very convenient, the NFC-enabled mobile phone can recognize the switching at one touch, and if it is searched with Bluetooth, it is slower;

Sound performance

The sound quality is divided into three parts: TV sound, pure music playback (human voice), movie (surround sound)

The performance of TV audio surpasses that of general sound bar products. Using audio feedback function not only improves the sound thickness and texture, but also enhances the details of treble and the dynamics of the bass. It all depends on its DSEE HX sound quality improvement. Technology ; This is a good bonus for users who often watch TV and need a good sound effect to watch reality shows such as China's good voice. The high-resolution flagship product performs very well and is expected to live up to expectations.

The performance of pure music playing vocals was unexpected. Compared with similar positioning 2.1, 3.1 vocal products performed better in terms of sound density and texture; with several songs of FLAC listening habits, Cai Yong’s “sad Leave it for yourself, Adele's "SOME ONE LIKE YOU", thanks to the blessing of the coaxial high-frequency unit and the magneto-fluid speaker function, the details and resolution and positioning of the sound field are better than my current gold ear bookshelf The box does not lag behind, the treble is bright and not sharp, the midrange is accurate and natural, but the sound's charm is slightly inferior, low-frequency dive is enough;

The effect of watching a movie is worse than the panoramic sound system composed of the MK S150 and OLOGE white cannons. It's a far cry from the price and size, after all, but if you bring in a set that is often recommended by Zhang Ama. , I believe that the degree of reduction in dialogue is not much to let, but the effect of the surround is remarkable.

The classic "Kung Fu Panda" Taro escape is a good part of testing low frequencies; the latest "Psychic Detective" tests dialogue and dynamic effects;

Surround sound must use a special Blu-ray test disc:

Surround sound effects

Compared to the 2.2 or 3.1 channels of other vocal products, the ST9, which focuses on 7.1 independent surround sound effects, gives a high expectation.

However, in terms of surround sound performance, it can only be said to be unsatisfactory in terms of price, using three discs to measure, DTS and Dolby Panorama sound, "Azael Royal Albert concert." The leaves of the Dolby Pans test disc were broken off and the spin-off fragments were shot. Obviously there was no natural convergence with the sound of the panoramic sound. It was unclear how the sound was circulated through the details behind.

An easy-to-understand way to compare the mono is 1G, stereo is 2G, surround sound is 3G, panoramic sound (immersive sound effects, including DTS-X) is 4G; then ST9 (and most of the sound bar products) Surround sound effects are between 2G and 3G, similar to EDGE 2.5G feel. If the sound field is visible, the stereo is a face, the surround sound is a ring in which the person is in, and the panoramic sound is a ball that covers the person; the feeling of the ST9 gives a fuzzy ring behind.

Despite this, the ST9's surround sound performance is still the leading choice in the All In ONE (TWO) sound bar product line due to the independence of separate channels and array speakers.

Another point is that a good surround sound field requires the EQ software's computing environment and speaker parameters to be adjusted out. Without a test microphone, it is impossible to have good sound effects, while the ST9 as a flagship does not have a test microphone, obviously more than Yamaha's. 5600 is a lot less.

Compared to the separate sound system with separate sound sources, the ALL IN ONE (TWO) sound bar (not only the ST9, but also the products of other homes) obviously has a low score in the surround sound field performance, but it is easy to install. And the impact on the living room environment has saved a lot of space and trouble, gains and losses, the user needs to know;

ST9's publicity also rendered 7.1-channel independent, high-resolution, but the absolute distance is too close to the separation of two or three meters to listen to is not meaningful, just like portable Bluetooth speakers are also known as Dolby surround sound, just gimmick.

The 5.1-channel loudspeakers in the DTS test disc measure the sound field positioning of the clips. The first three positions are very accurate, but there is no accurate positioning in the rear surround, and only brain supplements are available. I believe that the ST9 is inferior to the RT5 in this point, but it is lower than the average. The 2.0 sound bar is much better.

Low frequency effect

Low-frequency test clips for Dolby Pan sound test discs

ST9 with 7-inch gun plus radiant pot has a sufficient amount of feeling, open to 12, the kitchen ceiling will be shocked, but the sound is not obvious distortion; of course, low-frequency texture can not be compared with a real theater or HIFI gun , especially when a large amount of low-frequency information appears, it is not clear which guns are guns, which are different explosion sounds. They are more ambiguous and the speed is not fast enough. We can't say that we are not good. We can only say that the contrasted objects exceed a large number: SVS. And OLOGE are almost beyond its 5-10 times the power consumption. Originally intended to use SVS and OLOGE three guns on the sound bar contrast test, but unfortunately ST9 does not support wired subwoofer output, only wireless, can only use their own guns, can not be AB contrast.

Place suggestions

In eight days (this is the reason why photos have different colors and different lighting), four different postures were used. Oh, no, it was fortunate to have a gesture—I actually needed more time to understand and contrast various details and The pros and cons of other products...

Posture 1: With a 133-inch projection screen, the sound bar close to the lower edge of the screen, the right side of the subwoofer

Posture 2: With a 50-inch plasma TV, the sound bar close to the bottom edge of the screen, the left side of the subwoofer

Posture 3: With 50-inch plasma TV, sound bar under the TV cabinet, subwoofer on the left

The conclusion is: In order to achieve the combined effect of sound and picture, the installation of the sound bar should be as close to the screen as possible, and if possible, it is better to put it behind the screen—I'm talking through the sound screen. Try to choose a product with a sound bar and a screen that is close to the length, otherwise there will be a mismatch between the sound field and the picture.

Fourth, related selling points and advantages of technology

Magnetic fluid speaker

Magnetic fluid is a material developed by NASA and is a liquid form of magnet.

Compared to ordinary speakers, magnetic fluid speakers use magnetic fluid media instead of conventional shock absorbers—adding a certain amount of magnetic fluid to the magnetic gap. Due to the strong magnetic induction in the magnetic gap, even when the voice coil vibrates, the magnetic fluid can be firmly adsorbed in the magnetic gap. At the same output power, it has a higher effective power and the output sound pressure is larger than the normal speaker. At the same time, the presence of magnetic liquid also enhances the damping performance of the speaker, thereby effectively reducing the resonance peak height on the frequency characteristic curve, making its characteristic curve more smooth, so that the speaker has the following effects: (1) increase speaker input power; (2 ) Improve the frequency response of the speaker; (3) Reduce the speaker's harmonic distortion.

This alternative technology is like an air spring instead of a steel spring, making the experience more natural and comfortable.


Hi-Res is an abbreviation of High Resolution Audio, which is Sony's high-quality music standard proposed in 2014. Usually referred to as 96 kHz/24 bit or higher audio, it is obtained by digitizing the original analog audio source. The number of samples executed per second is called the sampling frequency and is expressed in Hertz (Hz). Digitization refers to the audio process of converting a sampled signal into a binary number consisting of 1's and 0's, expressed in bits. The higher the number, the closer the sample is to the original source. The CD standard is set at 44.1kHz/16 bits, but there is no uniform standard for high-resolution audio. SONY has developed a series of products and services around this standard.

4K HDR is the standard proposed by SONY in terms of picture quality. It depends on each other and is the protection method for SONY AV empire.

Here are the currently available high-resolution audio file formats:

DSD (DFF), Direct Stream Digital-DFF (Direct Digital Streaming-DFF) is a professional uncompressed 1-bit format used by Super Audio CD recording and production.

DSD (DSF), Direct Stream Digital-DSF (Direct Digital Streaming-DSF) stands for 1-bit DSD format used for DVD file recording and suitable for computer use.

WAV, Waveform Audio File Format, which captures music in uncompressed linear PCM format, is the current mainstream audio format for computer audio.

AIFF, Audio Interchange File Format also records uncompressed linear PCM format files, developed by Apple.

FLAC, Free Lossless Audio Codec, saves space by compressing files and maintaining 100% conversion accuracy during playback.

ST9 supports all the above formats of audio files.

Hi-Res is an important effort that SONY intends to rebuild its own music ecosystem beyond Apple iTunes.

The official website has opened a category specifically to support Hi-Res products. Strangely, there is no ST9 in the category.

The audio source service also has a dedicated site: http://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.baidu.com/?o=0002

DSEE HX Sound Enhancement Technology

DSEE HX just lets HiRes's music rise through algorithmic simulations, enhancing sound detail resolution and texture thickness to have a sound quality close to HiRes.

LDAC Bluetooth transmission technology

ST9 is a flagship but doesn't have an RCA port, does not support AIRPLAY, does not support APT-X - this is very similar to the memory of Dafa's memory stick and MD, to establish their own standards, not playing with the rules of your other players, so It supports its own Bluetooth transmission format LDAC. LDAC technology aims to solve the problems of data compression and sound quality degradation after music is transmitted via Bluetooth. The data transmission capacity of LDAC technology can be up to three times that of existing SBC or AAC technology. Compared with the APTX encoding technology of 352kbps at this stage, Sony's LDAC has obvious advantages, and it claims to support the 24/96 format. However, there are currently few products that support LDAC. Only Dafa owns several players and headphones products.

V. Stones of Other Hills, Comparison of Competitive Products

As a head product, of course, to compare with other opponents, the following list of some of the equivalent level (1000-2000 dollars range) opponents to reference, look at these, you will think that ST9 pricing is too willful - if you rely on Yesterday, I was worried about the party’s payment, and I was worried that it would repeat the mistakes of MD and become a yellow flower tomorrow.

Panorama sound of Yamaha 5600 ALL IN ONE

Yamaha's flagship, the only vocal product with panoramic sound effects, with a test microphone, the sound reflected by the array speaker unit on the wall to reach the back of the brain to create a simulated surround sound effect, this feeling is even darker than Dafa .

The significance of multi-channel is to create different sound field performances, but if the multi-channel sound units are juxtaposed, the effect can only be stereo plus virtual surround, or it can be reflected to the front, back, left and right walls through sound, and then transmitted to Our ears, to achieve multi-channel effects (5600 is the use of this technology); or several speakers through software or hardware delay sound or disorderly order, so that the ears illusion, resulting in multi-channel effects ( The technology used by ST9) is called virtual multi-channel surround effect.

Yamaha YSP-5600 Music Cast Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos & DTS $1699.95 US Amazon

Philips Fidelio B5 is what I think is the most imaginative product in the sound bar. The appearance design industrial design surpasses SONY a lot, and the surround channel separation design also obviously strengthens the surrounding sound field performance. A lot of sound bars are known as movie surround sound effects, but the speaker's imaging principle determines that the sound field positioning simulation is not as good as placing a solid speaker in the right position, even if the sound field simulated by a high-end speaker cannot be associated with a low-level entity. Speaker ratio.

Philips (PHILIPS) B5 Audio Home Theater TV Speaker Wireless Bluetooth NFC Separable Wireless ... ¥10000 Jingdong

SONOS is also a similar design. The sound quality is outstanding and the wireless transmission effect is beyond word of mouth. The key is that it has 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and other different combinations. This is worth learning from Dafa.

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System $1796 US Amazon

5600 stations have sun bills

This site is the first drying Yamaha YSP-5600 Soundbar + FSW150 out of the box and easy to use ... The things on the sensory must be given, so I need a speaker. However, subject to a small living room and refined decoration, you can only choose a small speaker and no cabling, this point on the sound quality over it can be; audio and video equipment also need more than... 118260 dacuima

Vifa Stockholm

Weifa is a well-known speaker manufacturer. Its products are used by many HIFI brands; this is a purely Scandinavian force product with a sense of design and sound quality.

Vifa Stockholm 43-Inch Remote Control Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Wi... $1699 US Amazon

Harman Kardon, a veteran audio manufacturer, sound safe, cheap

Harman Kardon SB 26 Advanced Recertified Soundbar with Bluetooth... $799.95 US Amazon

Sixth, summary:

Advantages: flagship is the flagship, excellent sound quality, excellent workmanship, materials in place, details are very good, sound quality enhancement technology is unique, supports a variety of lossless audio formats, NFC and Bluetooth, easy to install, you can enjoy simple surround sound field without complicated wiring Effect, good brand image;

Inadequate: remote control looks very cheap, with the body of the workmanship materials are not matching; software cumbersome, easy to use is not strong; APP installation and use of complex - even the two-dimensional code scanning downloads are not; the price is too expensive! To spend so much money, you can get a good bookcase level 5.1.2 panoramic sound system; there is room for improvement in surround sound effects; APT-X and AIRPLAY function still need to be upgraded, LDAC support is less;

For the crowd:

1, there is SONY feelings, the pursuit of big-name effect

2, want sound quality good surround sound effect, but afraid of trouble do not want to install multiple speakers

3, the pursuit of sound texture and details and workmanship

4, need flexible subwoofer position and do not want to bring connection

Not suitable for groups:

1, on the design of high requirements

2, sensitive to price, the pursuit of cost-effective users

3, the pursuit of a good surround sound performance

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