Hon Hai's Zhaojing will be listed on September 24th

The LED sapphire substrate factory Zhaojing Technology (4969), which was invested by Hon Hai Group, will be listed on September 24.

Zhaojing Technology originally held a share capital of NT$585 million, and invested in the LED upstream plant for Chimei Group. After the merger of Chimei Optoelectronics and Innolux, it became a member of Hon Hai Group. At present, Chimei Electric Investment Investment Yuanqi Investment holds 8.3%, which is a trillion. Jing is the largest single shareholder.

Zhaojing Technology was established in July 2000. In February 2001, it successfully pulled out the first 4-inch lithium niobate single crystal rod in China with its own technical capabilities, and constructed a complete line cutting, polishing and grinding sapphire epitaxial wafer processing. The production line, which is a manufacturer of special single crystal materials in Taiwan, supplies a wide variety of single crystals and applies them to diversified products for LED component manufacturers. Now it provides a large number of LEDs for the downstream Xinqimei NB and Monitor panels, and has become an important key material factory for the development of LED industry in Hon Hai Group.

Zhao Jing said that in 2010, the demand for sapphire epitaxial wafers was in short supply. The price difference between Rubican, the global sapphire chip leader, in the first half and the second half of the year has exceeded 50%. The raw material end will be contracted and adjusted according to the market price, and the adjustment ratio should not be small.

In the first eight months of 2010, the EPS was as high as 4.59 yuan, and the gross profit margin was 35.57%, which was a significant increase from the 2009 EPS of 1.3 yuan. Zhaojing Technology estimates that revenue will reach RMB 500 million in the second half of the year, and its profit forecast is two times higher than the first half.