How does Xiaomi TV install a large-capacity game on an SD card?

Hello, everyone, the last time the chicken introduced the local installation method of some big games with data packages, got the support of many friends, the chicken felt the warmth of the rice family, thank you all first

In a message in a friend who said that the millet TV, millet box, the remaining storage space is limited, do not want to uninstall other applications to release the installation controls, this situation should be how to do, in fact, very simple, millet TV and millet box are Support the application to be installed on the external SD card, this is equivalent to the millet TV, millet box, the default storage space to expand, and now the chicken to take this opportunity to give us to introduce the specific setting method:

1, first of all to prepare a MicroSD card, that is, we often say TF card, insert the TF card slot on the back of the millet TV.

Enter Millet TV Enhanced Settings ---> General Settings ---> Open "Application Default to SD Card"

2, because the latest version of the millet system hides the Android native settings of the entrance, so here need to install a small plug-in to call out. Please download and install this plugin on your device

3, open this tool, here is the Android native settings, press the down arrow, always slide to the bottom of the "about mobile", click to enter.

4. Press the down arrow and select the "Version" column.

5, quickly press the OK button on the remote control, probably need to quickly press 10 or so, the system will prompt "you are in developer mode!"

6, press the return key to return to the previous menu, you can see the second to last show "developer options" column (if not, then exit the "settings" and re-enter)

7. After entering the "Developer Options", press the Down key until it reaches the end. The focus is on the "Main Card Settings." After clicking on it, an option box will pop up and select the "Always use the SD card as the main card" option.

This set up is complete, from this millet TV installation capacity issues and only the size of the SD card ~ ~

Finally, the chick prompts everyone, once the SD card is set as the main card, after plugging in, do not easily pull out the SD, otherwise the system will be very unstable.

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