How to remove pdf watermark

How to delete the pdf watermark: I summarized a few methods, which one is easier to use:

1 Open the PDF file using the Chinese version of Acrobt Professional v7.0; 2 Document → Add Watermark and Background: 2.1 "Type" select "Add Background (looks below the page)"; 2.2 "Source" select "From Text", any When entering text content, it is important to set the font color of the input text content to white. 2.3 Other options can use default values. 2.4 Click "OK". Acrobat will pop up a warning box, click "OK" again. Take a look, is the watermark in the PDF file invisible? !

Use acrobat 7.0's advanced editing tools-> TouchUP tool method one:
Zoom out the view so that the mouse selects the watermark object,
Then change the watermark object to a colorless stroke and save it directly.
The new pdf no longer shows the watermark (because it has no color stroke).

Change the watermark object font (assuming NewRoman) to the system font (such as Tohima),
Then delete all such objects (without changing to system fonts, acrobat cannot delete such objects).
Save it again. The pdf has become very large, and the preservation is optimized, which is smaller than the original one.

It can be modified with Foxit PDF Editor.
step1: Double click on the watermark
step2: Right click on the watermark and select Image EdiTIng
step3: At this time, the watermark can be erased
step4: Archive

This software is provided here: Foxit PDF Editor 2.0 build 1011 Chinese finished green version Not bad!

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