How to solve the fault of the air-cooled refrigerator?

How to solve the fault of the air-cooled refrigerator?

Many consumers choose to purchase air-cooled refrigerators, but also question the use and maintenance of air-cooled refrigerators. Compared with traditional direct-freezers, the internal structure of air-cooled refrigerators is more complex and requires more professional repair assistance. Here's a quick look at what common failures can occur with air-cooled refrigerators.

(1) The upper box has a certain degree of freezing and the lower box is not cold

The fan motor in the freezer is damaged, causing no cold air circulation to make the upper box cool, and the lower box is not cold. Check method: Cut off the fan motor winding value. If infinity, it indicates that the fan motor winding is damaged due to a broken circuit, and the fan motor winding needs to be replaced.

Damage to the defrosting heater, superheated defrosting fuse, or double-metal defrosting thermostat caused excessive thickening of the frost layer on the evaporator, blocking the gap between the evaporator fins, and failure to pass through the cold wind. Maintenance method: Check the status of defrosting heater, superheated frost insurance, dual metal defrost thermostat, and replace damaged components.

The clock coil of the defrosting timer burned, causing the timer not to work, and the program could not be defrosted. Maintenance method: Check the clock coil of the defrosting timer. The normal resistance value should be about 7kΩ, and the contact resistance should be 0Ω. If the clock coil of the defrost timer burns out, replace the coil with a new one.

(2) The overall cooling, compressor and fan motor does not turn

Check the thermostat for damage. Inspection method: Cut off the power supply, remove the thermostat and check the resistance between the two contacts. If infinity, it indicates that the temperature sensor inside the thermostat has leaked. Replace a new thermostat.

The defrosting timer contacts have burned or accumulated too much carbon, causing the refrigerator circuit to fail to conduct normally. Inspection method: Cut off the power, remove the defrosting timer, and check the contacts with a multimeter. If the resistance value exceeds 2Ω or infinity, replace the defrosting timer.

(3) The overall cooling, the compressor does not turn, but the fan motor

The cause of this failure is mainly the problem of the compressor start relay. You can use a multimeter to check whether the compressor start relay is loose, whether the contacts are severely carbonized or ablated. After finding the problem, re-install the starter relay or replace the problematic one. The compressor can be started.

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