How to solve the problem of mobile phone life? See battery technology breakthrough

Without a battery, there is no mobile Internet era, which is not alarmist. Especially when smartphones become the biggest entrance to the mobile era, our lives will quickly fall back to the last century, communication, office, and payment. . . All modern lifestyles will be stagnant. However, the poor endurance of smartphones has become a major problem for both manufacturers and users. Is your phone power enough? I believe the answer to this question is unanimously negative.

It can be said that the endurance of mobile phones has become an important factor in making consumer decisions. In order to solve this problem, mobile phone manufacturers have also racked their brains. Apple has sacrificed its value to launch a charging protective case. It has been ridiculed by users, "Steve Jobs is not eye-catching." A domestic manufacturer demonstrated fast charging technology at the recent World Mobile Communications Conference. Samsung recently launched the FOTA firmware upgrade service to optimize battery life by optimizing the system.

Battery performance after Samsung Fota upgrade

Although scientists and engineers around the world are stepping up research on next-generation battery technology, unfortunately no new technology has been put into use so far. So in this case, how can manufacturers and users solve this problem? Let us start with some current solutions.

"Do addition" is not a cure for the symptoms: damage experience

Regardless of whether it is a mobile phone manufacturer or a user, most of the mobile phone life options have chosen the "addition" method of battery expansion through various means. It is particularly worth mentioning that the mobile power “Charging Po” market is growing wildly due to the problem of mobile phone life. The data shows that there are currently more than 5,000 domestic mobile power producers. The overall market size of China Mobile Power in 2015 reached 28 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 75.0%.

The reason why the charging treasure has such a large market growth space also illustrates its value from the side, but due to the inconvenience of carrying and affecting the “face value”, the charging experience of the charging treasure is not flattering. Luo Yonghao once publicly ridiculed the "charging treasure" at the press conference, but the solution that the hammer took out was another form of "charging treasure" - the back clip battery. Apple has also introduced a back-clip battery that sells for more than 800 yuan, but it has been ridiculed by users because its value is too low. It seems that this is not the best solution.

Apple's back clip battery makes the body very bloated

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