IBM develops the first electroluminescent nanotube transistor, which is a thousand times brighter than LED

IBM has announced the world's first electroluminescent (EL) nanotube transistor, and claims that the device emits 1000 times more light than a light-emitting diode ( LED ) and has a photon flux of up to 10,000 times.

By emitting thousands of photons on a silicon wafer, its energy consumption is the same as a photon in gallium arsenide. IBM predicts that carbon nanotube transistors will result in optical integrated devices on silicon wafers. According to IBM, silicon integrated optical devices are expected to reduce costs, promote the development of electronics, and reduce the demand for exotic semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide.

IBM says its technology achieves 1,000 times brighter emission intensity by electrically exciting carbon nanotubes suspended above the doped silicon wafer. The generated electron-hole pairs are electrically neutral and emit infrared light when combined. Other research organizations have also reported carbon nanotube luminescence, which is excited by laser light. IBM claims that its technology uses only electrical excitation to generate electron-hole pairs, which are 100 times denser than photoluminescence.

IBM says it has achieved very high efficiency with its light-emitting technology. IBM made the light-emitting transistor by etching a channel in a silicon dioxide film on a highly doped silicon wafer. The wafer substrate acts as the back gate of the carbon nanotube transistor. The intensity of the infrared light emitted by the device is exponentially related to the gate drive current.

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