IDC: Android will make great strides in 2014, Apple should be careful

Market research company IDC expects that in 2014, Google's Android ecosystem will be pressing Apple step by step.

IDC claims that next year Google Play / Android downloads and revenue "will rise dramatically, and the gap between the value of its application ecosystem and Apple will be greatly reduced."

The forecast report released by IDC said:

"In 2014, mobile device sales will continue to grow, with tablet sales increasing by 18% and smartphone sales increasing by 12%. The Android community led by Samsung will continue to lead in sales Apple, and Apple will continue to maintain a high average selling price and rich application ecosystem.

"However, Google Play (Android) application downloads and revenue will increase sharply, and the" app ecosystem value gap "from Apple will be greatly reduced. And Microsoft urgently needs to quickly increase the interest of mobile developers in its Windows."

The rapid increase in cloud service expenditures will help promote the development of the mobile field.

IDC said that in 2014, cloud service spending will surge by 25% to more than 100 billion US dollars. "Developers will be involved in a fierce battle, they will develop a variety of cloud applications and solutions to promote market development." The company's researchers said.

What is the bad news? The PC computer market "will still face great pressure," and its global revenue will fall 6% year-on-year.

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