If you want to watch a blockbuster, it's hard to see what content the screenless TV has.

In addition to the change of the light source and the lens, no screen TV or laser TV, the system change is also an important convenience. While realizing large screens, the system of these products also allows users to get rid of the screen input devices and use their own systems to watch movies and TV dramas. So the system does not depend on it in the end? The author has measured a lot of non-screen TV products, today we talk about this issue from the perspective of practical applications.
If you want to watch a blockbuster, it's hard to see what content the screenless TV has.
The current non-screen TV systems are all optimized versions of the Android system. The chips used are basically smart TV chips. Although not the top chips, there is no problem in satisfying the basic fluency. When choosing a TV show or movie, Caton’s situation does not occur. The overall effect is similar to that of a system using smart TVs. Since the remote controller is also used, it is sometimes troublesome to search for a movie. However, some remote control without a screen TV has a voice input function, so that the input is much faster.
The UI design concept of a screenless TV is basically the same as a smart TV
In terms of interfaces, the current design concept of non-screen TVs is basically the same as that of smart TVs. Actually, many non-screen TV system designs are also outsourced. The design of third-party companies is basically not too different. It is the color partition that distinguishes the content division, the user can choose what one wants according to the demand, this kind of way and the system of the intellectual television itself, and the system of the TV box are similar.

Several issues of content construction

In terms of content viewing, the difference between different screenless TVs is a bit big. Brands such as Laimi and Nuts, due to their cooperation with Mango TV and iQIYI, have a good experience in content acquisition. However, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned here. The two system VIPs need to be repurchased. The end of the VIP account can not be used here. It is still inconvenient if there is no VIP in the movie, because basically a good movie requires membership, and there is much more free content in TV dramas.
Some systems are not rich in content
Some brands do not cooperate with content vendors, so they can only configure a simple Android system, and will install some Internet content aggregation software. These aggregation softwares also have some advantages. That is, the resources are updated in a timely manner. At present, fiery TV shows and movies are also basically available for viewing. However, it is unpleasant that due to the content of the aggregation, the software itself has no copyright, so the clarity of the user's visibility is much worse. And the movie library of aggregating software is also not rich, often in order to find a movie, may have to install several softwares to realize. This also affects the user experience.
The network software movies and TV dramas have uneven clarity
If we directly install TV APPs from iQIYI and other manufacturers, some non-screen TVs can also support them. However, we said above that iQiyi's TV APP member accounts and computers are not universal, and plainly users still have to Buy it again. If you want to install a PC-side APP on the product, remote control of the UEFA Champions League will not work. If you install a mouse, there will be problems with the definition of many contents. Even some non-screen TVs do not support the playback of mobile APP content.
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At present, there is no new projection platform such as screen television or laser television. The innovation in hardware is still very powerful, but there is still a certain shortcoming in software and content construction. Especially for the traditional projector companies, the non-screen TVs or smart projectors they produce are often not supported by content. This is the current system reality. If you want to buy a friend without a screen TV, you still need to understand this situation in advance. In short, you want to have good content output, or you have to spend money.

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