In 2011, global LCD TV shipments reached 200 million units with an LED penetration of nearly 45%

According to the newly released global LCD TV brand shipment report of WitsView, a panel research division of TrendForce, the global LCD TV shipments reached 205 million units in 2011, and the estimated annual growth rate of shipments in 2012 is approximately 8 %, came to 216.5 million units.

WitsView said that due to the poor market conditions in the first three quarters of 2011 due to the poor global environment, the LCD TV market was weak, brand owners kept stocks in reserve, and continued to shift their hands to inventory. Actively, with a view to reaching an annual sales target, plus the fermentation effect of China's Chinese New Year before the Chinese New Year, the growth rate of the overall LCD TV shipment season in the fourth quarter of 2011 was 15.1%.

In contrast, the first quarter of 2012 was the traditional second season, and there were still doubts about the quality of some of the new panels. It is estimated that the quarterly volume growth of shipments will decline by 24.5%, which is a year-on-year increase of 2%. WitsView expects that if the quality of new panels and mass production problems can be solved, the quarterly decline will have the opportunity to improve. However, according to the current situation, the brand is expected to defer the new aircraft demand to the second quarter, plus China's May holiday is approaching, it is estimated that the second quarter of shipments can grow 8.4% over the previous quarter.

According to Burrell-Liu, WitsView research associate, the world’s top five LCD TV brands shipped positively in the fourth quarter of 2011, sweeping away the first three quarters of the haze and growing in the fourth quarter by 18.5%; Chinese brands are in demand during the Spring Festival. There is also 15% growth under the sprint. Other brands grew by 10.5% in the quarter, among which Vizio had the most outstanding performance in the three seasons of silence. The growth rate in the shipping season was as high as 56%.

The overall LED LCD TV shipments jumped in the fourth quarter, bringing the global LED-backlit LCD TV penetration rate to 44.9% in 2011. The penetration of 3D TVs benefited from the higher proportion of Chinese mainland brand shipments and came to 9.5%. . WitsView estimates that LED and 3D penetration will increase to 71.4% and 19.2% respectively in 2012.

WitsView also estimated that from 2010 to 2012, South Korea's LCD TV brand will maintain a global market share of 30 to 31%; while the distribution of six major TV brands in mainland China is even more positive, from 17.6% in 2010, it is estimated that this year will It reached 22.2%. On the other hand, Japanese brands declined from 32.4% in 2010. It is estimated that this year will come to 27.7%. It is even more vigilant for Taiwanese foundries, which are mainly Japanese OEM TV brands.

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