[Industry News] Appliance big data: Which smart TV box is the most popular?

Once again, it's time for weekly home appliance big data. The smart TV box believes everyone is not unfamiliar and has a wealth of features. Not only can you watch online video programs through the built-in genuine video platform, but you can also install various APPs through the app store, and some products can even play exciting somatosensory games. Maybe some users think that smart TV boxes and smart TVs are in conflict. In fact, for the user, if the home is not using a smart TV, then it is necessary to choose a smart TV box. If the smart TV used has been used for many years, its hardware configuration can no longer meet the operating requirements of various applications, especially large-scale 3D games. Therefore, smart TV boxes still have a great market prospect.

Recently, AVC Cloud has recently released some big data of smart TV box products from March to May of 2015. From these big data, the current price range and functional requirements of users can purchase smart TV box products. The content is understood. It also reflects the development trend of the current TV box market from a side, and not much to say, we are concerned about this week's smart TV box big data.

The current household appliance big data protagonist: Smart TV box

First of all, let’s pay attention to the number of brands selling on-line smart TV boxes. According to the data of AVC Ove Cloud Network, the number of brands of online TV boxes sold during the period from March to May 2015 was: 112 in March. , 121 in April, and 133 in May. From the data in the past three months, it can be seen that there are more and more brands of smart TV boxes.

Since the entry threshold for the smart TV box industry is not high, more and more companies are involved. Some brands often purchase complete sets of solutions, and the overall investment will not be excessive. However, for the moment, some unknown brand smart TV boxes often have many problems, such as the firmware update is not timely, built-in application stores or online video platform problems frequently. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the brand with higher popularity when purchasing.

â–  The price continues to decline? 100-200 yuan price most favored

In the previous data, we mentioned that during the months of March and May, the brands of smart TV boxes sold online are increasing. The corresponding data is the following data. During the period from March to May 2015, online smart TV boxes The number of sales was 310 in March, 361 in April, and 383 in May. From the quantitative point of view, the number of brand manufacturers and the increase also maintained a year-on-year growth, which means that it provides users with more choices.

Next, let's look at the change in the average price of online sales of smart TV boxes. According to statistics, in March 2015, the average selling price of smart TV boxes was 256 yuan, and the average selling price in April was 246 yuan, and the average selling price in May was 240 yuan. From the above data, we can see from the beginning of March, the average price of smart TV boxes has declined. From March to May, prices have fallen by 16 yuan.

So, what is the most popular smart TV box? According to statistics, it can be seen that in the sales of online smart TV boxes for the past three months, the products sold in the price segment of 100 yuan to 200 yuan are the most, accounting for 45%. Second place is the 200-300 yuan price segment, accounting for 36%. The remaining 9% of users choose 100 yuan smart TV box products. In addition, there are 8% of users who choose 300-400 yuan price segment of smart TV boxes, users choose more than 400 yuan smart TV box products, accounting for only 2%.

From the above group of numbers, it is not difficult to find that currently online users purchase smart TV box products, mainly in the two price ranges of 100-200 yuan and 200-300 yuan, accounting for a cumulative proportion of more than 80%. This set of data can also be confirmed in many smart TV box models that are hot selling in e-commerce. For a smart TV box with an ultra-low price below $100 and a price above RMB 400, the purchase volume of consumers is not large. Among them, low-cost smart TV boxes often lag behind in configuration, and their main frequency is lower, and their memory is also less. There are bad conditions such as Caton in playing videos. The high-end smart TV box with a price of more than 400 yuan has become a threshold because of high prices. After all, in the eyes of most consumers, the price of 400 yuan is still somewhat high.

â–  4 core + 4K? high configuration smart TV box attention

Now that the resolution of TV is gradually increasing, the traditional 1080P Full HD TV is rather old and can't meet the needs of some users. As a result, 4K ultra-high-definition televisions have shown a large-scale growth and become the preferred choice for many users. With the matching smart TV box, the resolution must reach the 3840x2160 UHD standard, otherwise non-4K smart TV boxes are used in 4K TVs. In terms of the user interface, not only the original 1920x1080 resolution will be pulled to stretch the screen. At the same time can not achieve 4K ultra high definition video decoding and playback capabilities.

According to statistics provided by AVC Ove Cloud, from March to May 2015, the number of smart TV boxes with 4K ultra HD resolution is gradually increasing, and the total sales volume in the market is also rising. Among them, March’s 4K resolution smart TV box sales accounted for 15.3%, April’s share was 19.8%, and May accounted for 22%. As of May, the percentage of 4K resolution models has reached more than 20%. It can be seen that smart TV box manufacturers have paid great attention to the research and development of 4K smart TV boxes, so that 4K smart TV boxes will be sold in the market. Type of growth.

In addition, with the increasing functionality of smart TV box products, some single-core or dual-core CPU products are no longer able to meet the needs of use, so there are more and more quad-core CPU models. According to the data, in March 2015, the number of sales of CPUs with quad-core or higher models was 45%. In April, the sales volume accounted for 49.2%, and the number of sales in May accounted for 50.4%. In other words, half of the models sold in the market have reached the standard of quad-core processors.

This week appliance big data summary:

Through this week's home appliance big data, it is not difficult for us to find that the current smart TV box market is developing well. The products most concerned by users are concentrated in the price range of 100 yuan to 200 yuan. As the demand of users increases, such as playing large games, Watching 4K video, etc., more and more users will purchase smart TV boxes that support 4K resolution, and products with quad-core processors are more concerned.

Here, I also recommend that you buy a smart TV box, you must buy the products of Dachang, must not be cheap, buy no-name products, mature smart TV box will regularly update the firmware, fix all kinds of bugs through software upgrades At the same time, you can also enjoy the features of genuine video-on-demand platforms and application stores, and the products of no-name or small-scale products will not only frequently crash, but will continue to suffer from various bugs. The built-in third-party or self-installed video platform may be subject to Blocking will bring us a lot of inconvenience.

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