Industry Trends Why Internet TV Stands?

In May, as a segmented product, Internet Smart TV (“Internet TV”) deservedly stood high on media public opinion. In the half-month period so far, the debates and investments involving Internet TV have sprung up. The industry giants who have been stirred by it involve Hisense, Konka, Xiaomi, LeTV, and Lenovo.

As background information, we can review some of the things related to Internet TV with giants.

On May 6, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary celebration of Konka, Niu Weidong, assistant to Konka Group's president, boldly predicted that "Internet brands may seem fierce, but 3 million units will be the threshold they can't pass." On the 11th after five days, Le Zhi, vice president of sales of LePar Holdings, said that as of 2014, LeTV sold 1.5 million units. It is expected that sales in 2015 will hit 3.5 million to 4 million units.

On May 12, a microblog released by internet company Xiaomi Technology detonated the fierce battle in the Internet TV industry. The Weibo said, "According to the ranking data of television brands in the last 30 days, Xiaomi TV has surpassed all domestic and foreign brands to become the first smart TV brand in terms of shipment volume." That evening, Hisense Group's official micro-response said: Hisense Self-Statistic TV The comparison between total sales volume and Xiaomi TV Taobao sales data shows that the 30-day sales of Hisense TV is 33.8 times of the 30-day total sales of Xiaomi TV.

This is not the end of the "Internet TV" feast in May. On May 14, news from Lenovo Group revealed that the company will launch smart TV business, and it is expected to launch on May 20, the brand name is defined as "17", and Lenovo's partner is likely to be Ali Group.

Of course, from a product point of view, Shanghai's "Home Fair" two months ago is more of an Internet TV product. From a case perspective, LeTV, which has made breakthroughs in the Internet TV industry, has experienced a 37-year record high over the past three months, and its total market value was once as high as 136.9 billion yuan. So, why did Internet TV suddenly become so hot?

From the perspective of Internet TV, the data of Yikang, a related domestic consulting agency, shows that in 2020, the domestic color wire sales will reach 35%, which will be the peak of online sales. At present, domestic TV sales are 45 million to 50 million units. If the total amount does not increase by 50 million units, the total annual sales of Internet TV will reach 16.5 million units by 2020, and one of the industry's leading TCL TVs. Sales were 17.18 million units.

In addition to accelerating its own growth rate, the layout of smart home is a possible reason for the popularity of Internet TV. From an industry perspective, smart phones and Internet TV screens are two important entrances to smart homes. The successful deployment of Internet TV, one of the two major entrances, will be of great significance for digging into the future market of trillions of smart homes.

At present, compared with the domestic giants such as TCL, Konka, Skyworth, and Hisense, Internet TV brands are still at the initial stage. Without knowing the manufacturing capabilities, it is still not clear whether the pure Internet brands can make rapid progress. However, for the traditional TV giants, the underdogs will probably repeat the mistakes of the retail industry.

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