Innovation + government support Guangdong LED industry leads the country

The LED industry is one of the three major breakthroughs in the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong. In recent years, Guangdong has carried out a series of deployments in terms of planning and layout, capital investment, technical research, promotion and application, etc., to promote the rapid growth of the LED industry, not only become a veritable leader in the development of strategic emerging industries in the province, but also become the LED industry of China. The leader.

Five leading advantages

The industry scale ranks first in the country in 2011. The output value of Guangdong LED industry reached 151.5 billion yuan, which has doubled for two consecutive years. In 2012, under the unfavorable situation of the impact of the international financial crisis and the increasing downward pressure on the economy, the LED industry in Guangdong has grown against the trend, with preliminary accounting, reaching 210 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, and the growth rate is higher than the provincial average. , showing strong internal growth and good market prospects, and playing an increasingly important role in the global LED industry division of labor. In May 2012, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government's Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Use of LED Lighting Products in Guangdong Province put forward a new goal: to fully popularize LED lighting products in the public lighting field in the province within 3 years, and drive the LED industry to achieve in 2015. The annual output value is more than 500 billion yuan.

The advantages of industrial clusters are obvious. Up to now, there are more than 20 LED listed companies in Guangdong, with a total market value of more than 20 billion yuan. The total investment of five provincial LED industry bases in Huizhou, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Nanhai and Zengcheng exceeded 50 billion yuan. Among them, Huizhou Career, Zhoulei Technology, Zhongjing LED Chip Project, Guangzhou Zengcheng LED Epitaxial Chip Project and other heavyweight industrial investment projects have a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan.

High-end R&D achieves key breakthroughs Zhongke Hongwei and Zhaoxin Group have successively developed domestic MOCVD prototypes. A series of independent intellectual property rights technologies such as new high-efficiency high-power LED chips and GaN homoepitaxial technology based on zinc oxide epitaxial transparent electrode structure fill the gap in Guangdong industry. In 2011, the total output value of upstream links such as chips and epitaxial wafers in the province accounted for nearly 20%, an increase of 10% over 2010. At present, the number of patent applications in the field of LED chip preparation technology in Guangdong has reached 1,693, accounting for about 20% of the total number of related patents, maintaining a growth rate of more than 30% for three consecutive years, leading the industry to gradually extend to the high-end links.

Promote the use of remarkable results since 2008, first in China to launch LED lighting demonstration project construction, Guangdong has promote the use of LED lights nearly 800,000, indoor LED lighting products more than two million, demonstration road over 10,000 km, the overall energy efficiency of 55%, cumulative With nearly 300 million kWh of electricity saved, the demonstration scale and construction progress are among the best in the country, and accumulated valuable experience for the scale, standardization and application of LED products. It is expected that more than 1.1 million new LED street lights will be installed in 2013, which will set off a new round of promotion and application boom. The following picture shows the energy consumption before and after the transformation of 800,000 street lamps:

The industrial ecology is increasingly optimized Since 2010, the provincial government has invested a total of 1.35 billion yuan to guide enterprises and the society to invest nearly 6 billion yuan in supporting funds, which has effectively supported the innovation breakthroughs in the key areas of the LED industry. A number of national LED inspection agencies, such as the National Key Laboratory for Photoelectric Product Testing and the National LED Product Supervision and Inspection Center, have successively settled in Guangdong. The province's LED industry public service platform covers all aspects of creative design, technology research and development, quality control, inspection and testing, logistics exhibitions, etc., and the industrial ecology is continuously optimized.

Implement five innovations
In recent years, Guangdong has firmly grasped the historical opportunities of the development of the LED industry, implemented core technology research and demonstration and promotion and application of “breakthroughs at both ends”, starting from the aspects of technology, quality, standards and market, and promoting the “double-chain integration of the innovation chain and the industrial chain”. "Strongly improve industrial concentration, technological innovation and regional branding, and promote the rapid development of the LED industry."

Prepare an industrial technology roadmap and lead the core key technologies to tackle the bottleneck of the lack of upstream core technologies. Guangdong organizes industry-leading teams to compile the “Guangdong LED Industry Technology Roadmap” to identify core, key and common technology points for enterprises, R&D institutions indicate the direction and path of industrial technology development. On this basis, the combination of production, education and research will be used to gather global innovation resources, carry out joint research, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Under the guidance of the technical roadmap, the first domestic MOCVD prototype of Zhongke Hongwei Company was successfully developed, and the overall performance index of the equipment is close to the same type of international products. Guangdong Acetone LED sapphire substrate ASF process, Guangzhou Jingke high-power flip-chip LED integrated chip technology, Changyuntong to power high-voltage LED core technology and other patent technology projects to achieve industrialization, to fill the gap in the industry chain.

The first LED "standard system", strict control of product quality In the absence of product quality standard system, Guangdong Science and Technology Department draws on the international leading benchmark management principle, takes the lead in establishing a benchmark system for LED lighting product quality evaluation, and detects key products through authoritative institutions. Technical indicators, assign scores and compare with the benchmark value, according to the principle of competitive preference, select the top ranked products, and prepare a list of benchmark product procurement recommendations for LED lighting projects. As of February 2013, a total of 9 benchmarks were published, with more than 1,000 products. After verification by various demonstration projects, there are no quality problems in the benchmark products. Guangdong Province also stipulates that LED projects in the public lighting sector must use benchmark catalogue products. On this basis, set up the provincial semiconductor lighting quality and reliability evaluation center, start the LED quality and reliability cloud service platform project construction, and do a good job with the quality inspection platform to provide quality planning, testing and verification, quality for enterprises and users. A variety of quality and reliability cloud services such as control and benchmarking system construction.

Implementing the “Standard Optical Component” program and actively participating in the development of global standards With the maturity of LED technology and the full activation of market demand, standard formulation is more feasible and urgent. Guangdong launched the “LED Lighting Standard Optical Component Plan” in a timely manner, and established a new idea for standardization of industrial middleware based on standard optical components for the entire industrial chain. Through the integration of advanced technologies and products in the middle and lower reaches of China's LED industry, R&D series The standard LED lighting standard optical component products, formulate product coding principles, master core patent technology and optical component detection technology with independent intellectual property rights. On this basis, Guangdong issued the "LED Lighting Industry Standard System Planning and Roadmap", established the framework, planning and implementation route of the LED lighting industry standard system, and strived to develop more than 130 local standards within five years, and established the first in the country. LED product standard system.

Promote business model innovation, fully promote the consumer market for good application demonstration, Guangdong continuously innovate working methods and operation modes: First, in 2009, organize the implementation of the “Thousand Miles of 100,000” demonstration project, select typical sections in Dongguan, Zhongshan and other cities to The province's major special funds are the guide, explore the business model of “enterprise + user + bank”, and carry out the construction of LED street light demonstration project. In the case of imperfect technology and high product prices, it has provided a new business model for the promotion of LED lighting products and accumulated some experience. Second, since 2010, the Provincial Science and Technology Department has signed contracts with the municipal governments of the Pearl River Delta. “Green Lighting Demonstration City” promotes the application of LED lighting products, accumulates more flexible operational experience, reduces the application cost of the whole, and quickly jumps over the critical point of promotion and application; Third, in May 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Government Issued the "Proposal for the Promotion of the Use of LED Lighting Products in Guangdong Province", signed a work responsibility letter with the local municipal governments, took the contract energy management model as the core, and paid the energy-saving income from the additional revenue of urban public utilities as a breakthrough, establishing a breakthrough in the public lighting field. Government promotion, market operation, coordinated division of labor, and supporting promotion of LED lighting products promotion and application work system, in three years in the province's public lighting field to promote the application of LED lighting products, driving the whole society to popularize LED lighting.

With the new mechanism to build a joint innovation center, to promote industry synergy innovation, relying on the successful practice of the semiconductor lighting engineering province, industry, university and research innovation alliance, in accordance with the requirements of the physical operation, the provincial science and technology department led the organization of 22 leading enterprises and scientific research institutions, jointly set up new research and development Institutions - "Guangdong Province Semiconductor Industry Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center" promotes LED core and common breakthroughs in the form of alliances, expands LED industry technology innovation applications, plans LED industry future development trends, and builds a bridge between government and enterprises. Focusing on these four functional orientations, the Joint Innovation Center has stepped up the construction of the “7+1” public service platform and effectively established the industry status of “Industry New Accelerator” by holding the joint construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan joint innovation institutions.

Multiple policy support
In recent years, Guangdong has focused on the development needs of the LED industry. On the one hand, it has used the preferential policies of the country to promote independent innovation and fostering emerging industries. On the other hand, it has actively introduced new policies to support the development of the LED industry.

The first is to set up a special fund for the development of the LED industry. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Guangdong Province invested 450 million yuan each year to set up a special LED industry development project, focusing on breakthroughs in core technologies, application demonstration, construction of innovation platforms and introduction of innovative talents. At the same time, give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, and attract a large amount of social capital to support the development of the LED industry.

The second is to implement LED innovation product procurement and tax incentives. We will fully implement the preferential policies of the state and the province to promote independent innovation of enterprises, and focus on supporting the innovation and development of LED enterprises. In recent years, a large number of LED high-tech enterprises and independent innovation products have been identified, and the pre-tax deduction policy for enterprise R&D expenditure has been implemented. LED companies and products have been given support in government procurement and demonstration projects to further promote the province's LEDs. Product application and industrial development.

The third is to introduce a high-end talent introduction policy. Focusing on the development needs of the LED industry, we will vigorously introduce first-class innovative research teams and technology leaders at home and abroad. For example, the introduction of a provincial-level innovative research team of wide-bandgap semiconductor research led by Academician Gan Zikai, developed LED upstream technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and built China's first professional in Dongguan Zhongjia Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. The production line of gallium nitride substrate, and the industrialization of laser stripping equipment, and the independent research and development of new products, make Guangdong gradually become the research and development production base of semiconductor upstream materials. At the same time, the use of the "dumbbell type" international technology cooperation new model, strengthen the docking cooperation with LED international institutions, formed an international research team.

The fourth is to implement the technical standards guiding policy. The Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province organized the cooperation of universities and testing organizations to launch the benchmark evaluation system for LED street lamp products and the standard road map for LED industry in Guangdong Province. The benchmark index for the product innovation level of the industry was obtained through the method of “smashing the platform”. Evaluation and grading have effectively broken through the industry bottlenecks in which LED product standards lag behind technology and industry development.

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