Innovative generation! Sofa butler V5 official release

After a month of open beta, the official version of the sofa butler V5 was finally released!

Since its inception in 2013, the sofa housekeeper has released a total of four major versions, each of which condenses the tireless pursuit of the sofa butler team for quality and user experience. Compared with the previous four major versions, the official version of the sofa butler V5 is the biggest change generation and is also a generation of innovation. We believe that under the guidance of the new Android TV design concept, the sofa butler V5 will set off a new trend of smart TV design style.

· Light innovation - full use of Android TV design specifications

The biggest innovation in the sofa butler V5 is Google’s latest Android TV design specification. Under this criterion, the sofa housekeeping team upholds the “light and fast” design concept and starts with the optimization of the architecture layer, making the V5 version a qualitative improvement in terms of start-up speed, response speed, and download speed.

· Beautiful innovation - layout and icons are more clear and beautiful

The sofa butler V5 designed according to the Android TV specification adopts a horizontal layout. The card icon management takes full advantage of the large size and colorful colors of the TV screen. Combined with the exquisite icons produced by the professional design team, the main interface of the sofa butler V5 is more simple and orderly. And vivid.

· Practical innovations - easy to use integrated search

The new and improved sofa butler V5 is not only more beautiful, but also more practical. The layout of the content on the left of the left menu allows the user to switch between different application categories more conveniently. The most frequently used “search” function is also integrated at the top of the main interface and menu bar so that the user can search for the desired Application software or television programs.

The three major innovations have changed completely, and the most diverse sofa butlers in history have come. Starting today, let us join the era of V5 innovation!

Special Note: After the official version of the sofa butler V5 is released, the V4 version will continue to be maintained and updated. Users who are not used to the V5 version of the sofa butler can continue to use the V4 version.

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