Intel Haswell Kills Small Motherboard Manufacturers

Intel will release Haswell, the next-generation processor, in the second quarter of 2013 for tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, desktops, and servers. Because it will deeply integrate functions such as power supply phase number control (for overclocking), motherboard makers are concerned that their available space will be further compressed. Together with the overall market downturn, small-scale second-tier motherboard makers may end in 2013. Forced to withdraw from this market.

Intel’s Haswell processor will adopt a fully-integrated single-chip SoC design in the ultrabook, but the mainstream desktop and notebook segments are still separated from the chipset temporarily, but the megatrend is inevitable. Intel will definitely gradually take all of the chipset in the future. The modules are fully brought inside the processor. For example, in 2014, 14nm Broadwell is expected to have a complete SoC, while also stripping away many of the features that originally belonged to the motherboard. As a result, motherboard makers will become increasingly difficult to make a difference.

In fact, even now, motherboard manufacturers have moved more energy to additional features such as USB, Thunderbolt interfaces, or a richer BIOS, or more differentiated value-added software tools.

However, some manufacturers are still optimistic about the future of the motherboard market and believe that Intel's integration of both North and South Bridges into the processor will pose a severe challenge to the yield, and they believe that Intel will not have the idea of ​​destroying the motherboard industry, at least the next 3-5 Year-on-year motherboard makers can still make a difference.

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