Intel released the new Atom processor Z2760 for tablets

Intel Corporation has released the Intel® AtomTM processor Z2760 and introduced the first tablet and morphing design with OEM partners. These devices are based on the Intel Core® vProTM processor, Intel® CoreTM processor and Intel® AtomTM processor, including the latest Atom processor Z2760.

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Intel released the new Atom processor Z2760 for tablets

Intel released the new Atom processor Z2760 for tablets

The new Intel Atom processor-based devices offer a variety of innovative, slim and stylish design choices for both personal and business users with long battery life and leading performance. In addition, users will be able to experience all the features of Windows 8 and continue to run all the apps they are familiar with and like.

Eric, General Manager, Application Processor Platform, Intel Mobile and Communications. Erik Reid said: "This is just the beginning of Intel's efforts in the tablet market. Our goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and businesses, without compromising compatibility, experience or battery life. Products. When an individual or business user purchases an Intel Inside® device, they will be able to take full advantage of the new Windows 8 features and get a smooth computing experience."

Intel Atom processor Z2760: powerful computing, carry around

The Intel® Atom processor Z2760 supports the slimmest and lightest Intel-based tablets—the thinnest 8.5 mm and the lightest 1.5 lbs, making it easier and convenient to carry and store a powerful tablet. computer.

Intel released the new Atom processor Z2760 for tablets

Intel Atom processor Z2760: powerful computing, carry around

As more and more people carry their devices with them, battery life and size have become a priority. Devices with the Intel Atom processor Z2760 provide a full-featured tablet computing experience without compromising battery performance due to battery life. The dual-core, four-threaded system-on-a-chip (SoC) delivers superior battery life, more than three weeks of connected standby time, and more than 10 hours of HD video playback time (based on a 10-inch Intel reference design with 27 WHr battery and WiFi enabled).

Tablets and anamorphic tablets based on Intel Atom processors running Windows 8 provide an extremely intuitive, responsive experience with touch, keyboard, mouse or stylus, and Intel® Turbo Burst technology Features such as Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology. With the multi-tasking capabilities of Intel architecture, people will experience an incredibly smooth experience that will quickly load and switch between their favorite applications.

Enhanced security, collaboration and software support for enterprise users

As an innovative mobile product design, tablets based on Intel Atom processors, Intel Core processors and Intel Core vPro processors offer new options for business users. The Intel® architecture provides organizations with the flexibility and compatibility they need to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver the personalized productivity they desire.

Tablets based on Intel architecture and running Windows 8 can support millions of existing applications, devices and full-featured components used within the enterprise, and include the security and manageability features required by enterprise IT managers. In addition, these devices can be easily integrated into the enterprise's current infrastructure, able to join domains, access shared network resources, and run new Windows Store applications as well as familiar Windows desktop applications.

Tablets based on the Intel Atom processor Z2760 provide the mobility and experience that enterprise users desire, better meeting IT's need for Windows 8 built-in security and manageability. The new Intel Atom processor Z2760 is designed to be seamlessly integrated into enterprise computing environments.

Tablets with Intel Core processors running Windows 8 will deliver intelligent performance and responsiveness for the most efficient and personalized employee experience. In addition, tablets with Intel Core vPro processors provide the most comprehensive and flexible enterprise-class hardware-assisted security, manageability, and virtualization capabilities for enterprise computing.

With Intel vPro technology, Intel Core processors provide remote system access and management regardless of power or operating system status. At the same time, it offers the most powerful security features, including enhanced Intel® identity protection technology.

Intel is actively collaborating with a broad cross-industry software ecosystem to create the best experience on Intel architecture. With more than 7,000 member companies, the Intel® Software Partner Program integrates resources, reference designs, and tools into key technology areas for better software optimization. In addition, with the Intel® Software Network, developers can quickly bring more efficient, higher performance software to market with communities, tools, training and events.

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